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Tornadoes Rip Through Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio

Partner Church in Moscow, Ohio, Gives All Glory to God for KCM Intervention When KCM’s Disaster Relief team, Steve Poteet and Riley Stephenson, arrived in Moscow, Ohio, and saw the recent tornado’s devastation, they were determined to find the local Partners who had been affected.  Many were brought to tears and others laughed with joy…

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Tornadoes Hit Americas Heartland. KCM Disaster Relief is on it!

Tornadoes have hit America’s Heartland, and KCM’s Disaster Relief team is already assessing the situation to see how we can help. Right now, we’re calling Partners to check on them and pray with them. Through KCM’s Disaster Relief program, our Partners are able to help fellow Partners during tough times and reach out to others…

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KCM Returns to Birmingham Six Months After Tornadoes

Six months after devastating tornadoes hit the Birmingham area in 2011, the KCM Disaster Relief team headed out to help! They met people at their destroyed homesites, on the streets, in auditoriums – distributing Thanksgiving turkeys and a lot of love from KCM! The people of Birmingham, to whom KCM ministered, are grateful to our…

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Ministering to Spirit, Soul and Body in Birmingham

People of Birmingham lined up two hours early to receive the 1300 turkey dinners provided by The Reach, supported by KCM Disaster Relief. They heard the Word of God preached, many were saved and they all received ministry! Riley Stephenson and Word of Life Church, led by Pastor Brandon Ball, met every goal they and…

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Reaching Out to Birmingham

After the devastating tornadoes in 2011, KCM reached out to people in the Birmingham area through The Reach, an arm of KCM Disaster Relief – feeding bodies, touching hearts, renewing souls, changing lives! Click here to learn more about the KCM Disaster Relief Team. 

The Worst Tornado in 64 Years

Steel, wood, concrete and people’s priceless possessions were all mangled together. Destruction was evident everywhere. This was the worst EF5 tornado to hit on United States soil in 64 years.Riley Stephenson, Steve Poteet and the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Disaster Relief team were on site looking for KCM Partners and Friends. They brought money, prayer, hope…

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The Sirens Just Kept Going Off

The Kenneth Copeland Ministries Disaster Relief team searched for Partners and Friends amidst the terrible devastation that was Joplin, Mo. Pastor and Mrs. James Forde tell of their experience. “We’ve never gone for cover before. The siren went off and it just kept going, and it just kept going and it kept going. I spoke…

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We Survived Disaster in the Closet!

All they could see was mass devastation when the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Disaster Relief team got out of their van. Joplin, Mo., had been hit by an EF5 tornado and the rubble of destroyed homes was everywhere. One couple told the team they heard the tornado and felt God tell them to get into the closet.…

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An Unseen Hand Was Protecting Me

  One Partner decided to go down to the basement to pray. “It sounded like softballs pounding on the roof,” he remembers. “The wind was so fierce it tugged on my body, but an unseen hand was holding me down. I believe I was protected by angels and the hand of God was upon me…

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