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No Storm Too Great or Town Too Small for the KCM Disaster Relief Team.

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On March 2, over 90 confirmed tornadoes struck 162 towns and caused major damage throughout the Midwest. Within hours, members of the Disaster Relief Team at Kenneth Copeland Ministries were making plans to travel to several of the affected areas to check on and provide assistance to KCM Partners living in those areas.

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The team flew into Lexington, Ky. Their first visit was to West Liberty, Ky., and from there they traveled to Henrysville, Ind. and Moscow, Ohio. Some immediate good news was finding out that many of our Partners did not experience damage to their homes or suffer personal injury. However, there was some damage to personal items and local churches in these towns.


Because of rumors circulating about fraudulent disaster relief teams spreading throughout these areas, one Partner in Moscow, Ohio, almost didn’t open her door when KCM evangelist leader Riley Stephenson showed up on her doorstep. When the residents realized the visitor was from KCM, and had come to offer help, tears streamed down their faces.


“I would have never expected a ministry so big to send a team to a town of 250 to help,” said Viola Maus, “but I guess I should have, knowing Brother Kenneth’s heart.”


Their local church, which was built in 1890, had sustained significant damage during the storm. But, determined to not let that keep them from having a place to worship, church members have rallied together for several days and nights, cleaning out debris and making repairs. And because of Partners like you, KCM has been able to assist in the efforts to rebuild their church.


None of these relief efforts would be possible without you and the KCM Disaster Relief Fund. This is just one more avenue where you, our Partners and Friends, are helping make a difference in the lives of others. Whether it’s one person, or 1,000 people, it doesn’t matter. KCM cares, and we want to help in any way possible.


Please continue to pray for those affected by these tornadoes.

Relief Team


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