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The Worst Tornado in 64 Years

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Steel, wood, concrete and people’s priceless possessions were all mangled together. Destruction was evident everywhere. This was the worst EF5 tornado to hit on United States soil in 64 years.Riley Stephenson, Steve Poteet and the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Disaster Relief team were on site looking for KCM Partners and Friends. They brought money, prayer, hope and encouragement. Their message was clear: God loves you and KCM loves you, too!

Many people had amazing stories to share about how God had protected them from the storm. And, that God was providing for them as they planned to rebuild their lives on the same foundation—the love of God.

All the Partners said the same thing. “Thank you Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. Thank you for the money, the love, the care and the people you sent to find us. We love you.”

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