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Relief Team

Thanks to your faithful support, KCM’s Relief Team is on the scene any time there’s a tornado, wildfire, flooding or other natural disaster. Our goal is to respond quickly when a need arises, and then help affected communities throughout their recovery. Read about our latest updates here!

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You are making a difference!

Here is a testimony from our Disaster Relief Christmas Outreach this past weekend: Susan’s daughter was in plaza towers elementary the day of the tornado in Moore, OK. The suburban on the left shielded her 6 year old daughter from being crushed, but both of her ear drums were ruptured and a metal pole was…

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Disaster Relief Update from Illinois

The Kenneth Copeland Ministries Disaster Relief are returning today from Illinois where they have spent the last 4 days searching for and checking on Partners in Washington, East Peoria, and Pekin. Check out this awesome testimony from Joseph. Joseph served with Jimmy Stewart in the Air Force and fought for America in WW2. During the…

Relief Team

You’re Bringing Relief to Typhoon Victims in the Philippines!

Good news! Through KCM’s Disaster Relief program, our partners have come alongside Operation Blessing International to provide relief for victims of the recent typhoon that hit the Philippines. Just look at this photo of Operation Blessing’s work in Manila. Their warehouse has become a beehive of activity for staff and local volunteers, 24/7—working together to…

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KCM Disaster Relief Team is on the ground in Colorado!

Floods have affected thousands of families in 17 counties in Colorado, and the KCM Disaster Relief Team is on the ground in Colorado right now. 17,000 homes were reported to have sustained damage from these floods and Team KCM has joined in faith and reached out to our Partners and Friends immediately in prayer. We’re…

Relief Team

Northwest Wildfires Disaster Relief Update

Over the past two years fires have torn through the Northwest portion of the US. Thursday, September 12, 2013 the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Disaster Relief Team headed to Oregon, Idaho and Northern California to check on Partners and Friends potentially affected by these fires that burned over 700,000 acres. After 11 days, 3500 miles, 3…

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KCM Disaster Relief Team Heads to the Northwest

Wildfires are being brought under control in the Northwest region of the country. Several small communities in Oregon, Idaho and California have been put on alert or evacuated due to these fires. Team KCM has joined in faith and reached out to our Partners and Friends in prayer. We’re praying for safety and protection in…

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Powerful Testimony of Obedience and Protection

Dan and Rebecca Garland have lived in Oklahoma City for 13 years and never had their home touched by a tornado. But God told Rebecca to build a storm cellar. When an EF5 tornado touched down in Oklahoma City on May 20th, Dan, Rebecca and their neighbors narrowly escaped with their lives, as their homes…

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