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Relief Team

Thanks to your faithful support, KCM’s Relief Team is on the scene any time there’s a tornado, wildfire, flooding or other natural disaster. Our goal is to respond quickly when a need arises, and then help affected communities throughout their recovery. Read about our latest updates here!

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KCM Disaster Relief Team Visits Moore, OK

Steve Poteet and Riley Stephenson Continue Relief Effort on Second Day Steve Poteet and Riley Stephenson continued their walk through the debris in Moore, Okla., for a second day as they searched for KCM Partners.  They were able to bless one Partner with a check to repair his damaged roof, and he was able to…

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KCM Disaster Relief team continues work in Moore, OK

One of our Partner’s daughters was in school at the Plaza Towers school and survived. The following video is her story. If you’d like to find out more about the KCM Disaster Relief Team or how you can help people who are victims of disaster, please click here. And remember that always, in the midst of every storm……

Relief Team

KCM Disaster Relief Team has arrived in Moore, OK

KCM’s Disaster Relief Team arrived in Moore, OK Friday and have begun locating Partners and assessing the needs of the affected people in these early days of recovery. To find out how you can help in Moore, OK and with KCM’s Disaster Relief efforts CLICK HERE. And remember that always, in the midst of every…

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Epic Opportunity for KCM Disaster Relief

  The devastation left by any tornado is unbelievable.  The EF5 that struck Moore, Okla., in May 2013 was of epic proportion. KCM’s Disaster Relief team made their way to Moore and were amazed at the extent of the destruction. We will always have opportunities to reach out to our Partners when disaster strikes. Thank…

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Giving Immediate Help Where It’s Needed

  When Cleburne, Texas, was hit by a devastating tornado in 2013, the KCM Disaster Relief team checked up on our Partners in the area. Immediate help is what people need in times like these and through the Disaster Relief Fund our Partners help us make sure we are there to give it! Thank you,…

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Tornadoes hit again! KCM Disaster Relief plan now in motion

Inclement weather spawning devastating tornadoes has once again hit communities in the South-Central and Midwest U.S. Our Disaster Relief Team is moving now to reach Moore, Okla.—the hardest hit area—on May 20. We will be on the ground to locate and assist Partners as soon as we get clearance from local officials. As always, Team…

Relief Team

You & KCM, bringing calm in the midst of storms

Tornadoes began blowing across North Texas Wednesday, May 15, affecting many families in Granbury, Cleburne, Ennis and other communities north and south of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Another storm system began working its way through Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa on Sunday, May 19, resulting in 26 tornadoes. Currently the news is reporting a continued severe…

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Being Jesus on the Earth

  When an F4 tornado touched down at Granbury, Texas, in 2013, the KCM Disaster Relief team joined with Pastor Barry Tubbs III and The Way Church with boots on the ground. With experience in these situations under their belt, the KCM team led the way for the church, as together they reached out to…

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On the scene in West

KCM Relief Team is on the scene once again. This time we are in West, Texas, following up with our Partners who live in the area subjected to the recent explosion at a fertilizer plant. Watch this video to see the connection we made with one family. Thanking God with them…and with you…for His protection…

Relief Team

KCM returns to La Place, LA

On August 30, 2012, Hurricane Isaac made landfall in Louisiana, seven years to the day of Hurricane Katrina. Immediately following the storm, the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Disaster Relief Team arrived to look for our Partners.  Unlike previous hurricanes that made landfall along the Louisiana coast, Isaac badly flooded the small town of La Place, La.…

Relief Team