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Join Us In Prayer Over the Passing of the Recent New York Abortion Law

Add your prayers of faith and agreement as Brother and Sister Copeland pray for the protection of babies in the womb from the horrific expansion of abortion passed in the state of New York on Jan. 22, 2019.


Last week, on Jan. 22, 2019, New York politicians cheered and applauded, as they passed the “Reproductive Health Act,” the bill that allows abortions up to the point of birth.

The Reproductive Health act:

  • Allows abortion on-demand, no questions asked, up to 24 weeks (6 months).
  • Allows abortions in the 3rd trimester if it the mother’s life or health are in danger for any reason.
  • Eliminates the requirement to provide life-saving efforts to babies born alive in failed abortions.
  • Eliminates criminal charges for someone who assaults a pregnant woman and the baby dies.
  • Any healthcare provider, not just doctors, can perform abortions.
  • All employers must provide any and all birth control and abortion pills with no co-pays or deductibles, and they cannot decline to provide coverage for any woman.


Read the entire bill here.


New York Governor Cuomo and abortion supporters smile joyfully, as the governor signs the so-called “Reproductive Health Act” on the 46th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade, making NY the most liberal abortion state in the nation. 


The passing of this abortion bill received a standing ovation by the legislature, and the World Trade Center needle was lit up in pink to celebrate a woman’s right to choose an abortion.

Featured Image

Ironically, in celebration of legalizing abortion up to the point of birth, and other horrific so-called abortion “rights,” NY Governor Cuomo ordered the top of the “Freedom Tower” to be lit up in pink, as unborn babies lose their most basic freedom–THEIR RIGHT TO LIFE!


How Should We Respond?

1. Vote for Pro-Life Politicians at Every Level–Local, State and National


Voting for life is the No. 1 issue in the nation! Why? God has given everyone a right to life. According to polls, 90 percent of pastors will not speak against abortion from the pulpit because they believe the lie that abortion is a political issue, but that’s not true. Abortion is a moral, Biblical and spiritual issue. Abortion happened long before Roe V. Wade, and God has already given us the answer to abortion. He values every life because He is the one who gives life to every physical body. As Christians, we should vote for pro-life politicians, and pastors should be informing their congregation of God’s truth on this matter.


Watch this episode of Believer’s Voice of Victory with Pastor George Pearsons, Michele Bachmann, David Barton and Keith Butler, as they discuss abortion from God’s perspective and the importance of voting for life:



Are there times when an abortion is the right option? Find out our answer here.

2. Forgive and Pray


Remember our fight is not against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12). It can be tempting to get angry and upset with legislatures who vote for laws, such as this abortion bill, that contradict God’s Word. However, we have to remember that we are called to love our “enemies” and to pray for them. As well, we are called to pray for all leaders, whether we agree with them or not (I Timothy 2:1-4).


As Christians, we should stay out of strife at all costs. The people who pass and support anti-biblical laws have been blinded by the work of the enemy and need deliverance. How will they be delivered? From some angry Christian? Not likely. It is the goodness and love of God that leads men to repentance (Romans 2:4). You can’t pray for others to encounter God if you are angry with them. Mark 11:25 tells us that when we pray, if we have anything against someone, we are to forgive them.


On Jan. 31, Kenneth Copeland gave a prophecy for 2019, in which He said this about prayer:


A Higher Order of Prayer

First of all, there must be a higher order of prayer coming forth out of the family. Intercession, petition and supplication for the lost, much prayer, much calling forth, much calling things that be not as though they were—praying for the lost. Reaching into the heart of God and asking Him for the nation. 2019 must be a year of great intercession and witnessing outside the walls of the church building.


Thank you for joining us as we pray for the innocent children affected by this abortion law. Remember to vote for pro-life politicians, and to forgive and pray. As we become doers of the Word of God, humble ourselves in prayer, seek His face, and intercede for our nation, God promises He will heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).




KCM Partner Testimony: God’s Unfailing Love Changes the Life of a Foster Child

Kenneth Copeland Ministries Partner JD Diefenbacher’s life was changed by God’s unfailing love.


Growing up in the foster care system, JD lived in 23 foster homes throughout his childhood. With such an unsure environment, JD had a difficult time loving and receiving love from others. He even worked in ministry for 20 years caring for the needy and helping the homeless, but still, he had difficulty trusting and loving those outside his immediate family.


Then God moved JD to a new ministry position at Family Community Church in North Highlands, California, where Pastor Bill Krause showed him God’s unfailing love. When describing his relationship with Pastor Krause, JD describes it this way: It “was a connection I had not felt before. If I had a father, it would be the connection I would have with one. It was a paternal, God loves you, I love you, and I’m expressing the love God has for you.” That’s the kind of connection JD was finally experiencing.


Though he admits that he didn’t know how to respond to Pastor Krause’s godly love for him at first. It baffled him. In time, having someone love him with God’s unfailing love changed his life. JD admits that it has made him a better husband and father.


The joy and peace JD has in his life are clear, and he looks for ways to share God’s unfailing love with others. Watch this video to see how God’s unfailing love can change a life, even change your life.


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Spiritual Leaders Pray for Donald Trump on 9-28-15

Kenneth and Gloria were invited to meet with presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday to give Mr. Trump a spiritual perspective about the most critical issues facing our nation. In this video, you can see Jewish and Christian leaders gathering around to pray for Mr. Trump. You can hear Kenneth specifically praying that God would give Mr. Trump wisdom according to James 1 and that God would reveal Himself to him.

One of the foundation principles of Christianity is prayer. As Christians, we are called to pray for all people, which includes not only those we love and care for, but also those we may not agree with, our enemies and all of those in authority. As we are obedient to sincerely pray as the Bible instructs, the door is opened for God to work in the hearts of those we pray for. 


Note: The Copeland’s attendance at this meeting does not mean that they are endorsing Trump. Brother Copeland is willing to pray with any candidate that asks for prayer, no matter what the party affiliation. This is according to I Timothy 2:1 & 2.


The KCM Disaster Relief Team Helps Families in Oklahoma Recovering from Recent Tornados

Watch this video to see how the KCM Disaster Relief team helped families in Oklahoma recovering from recent tornados.

Our Outreach Department reaches out and changes lives in the aftermath of disasters, and helps fellow Partners find hope when the enemy attacks!

Be a part of the Disaster Relief and Evangelism teams’ efforts by becoming a Partner at HERE.


REACHING Families and RESURRECTING hope this Easter!

The Kenneth Copeland Ministries Outreach Team just returned from Douglasville, GA where they hosted The REACH for 400 families in the community. In partnership with Pastors John and Janie Alexander of Church on the Word and Feed the Children, 400 families received a week’s worth of groceries, household items, personal care items and a renewed hope during this Easter season.

THE REACH is an outreach of Kenneth Copeland Ministries with Riley Stephenson, KCM’s Minister of Evangelism. The mission of this outreach is to provide physical needs for families during challenging seasons, along with meeting them where they are at spiritually with hope, love and most importantly JESUS!

 Click below to see the lives REACHED by Jesus this Easter season:



Four hundred families received THREE boxes of food and household necessities to fill their pantries, and 7000 Easter eggs were hunted by hundreds of children…BUT most importantly received Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior! Praise God!

Our desire is to leave everyone we meet with the love of the Father, a new hope for the future, and the assurance that they are not forgotten and that “JESUS IS LORD!” over any circumstance they face.

Together, we’re changing lives and making a REAL difference!

Increasing His Kingdom,

The KCM Disaster Relief Team

A Special Partner Report: Russian Language Outreach

Russian is the 5th most spoken language in the world by a number of native speakers. 277 million people speak Russian as their first or second language, of which 2.5 million reside in the U.S. and Canada.

There are 143.5 million people in Russia and 45.4 million people in Ukraine. KCM has been impacting this part of the world with the Word of God for over 20 years through the TV broadcast, magazine, website, books and other outreaches.

A KCM office was opened in Minsk, Belarus, in 1994. Later it was moved in 1997 to LVIV, Ukraine, where it currently resides. The early years from 1994 to 2004 were focused on humanitarian aid and the distribution of over 15 million faith-teaching books translated into Russian.

Thirty-two KCM books have been translated into Russian, including Brother Copeland’s latest, The Blessing of the Lord. The first Russian BVOV TV broadcast aired in 1993, and the first Ukrainian broadcast in 1995. Today, the TV broadcast is seen throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East to a potential viewing audience of approximately 200 million people.

The BVOV magazine was first printed in Russian in early 2000. Today, over 24,400 magazines are mailed each month: 62% to Ukraine and 28% to Russia. KCM’s Russian website launched in 2004. Last year the website had 1,184,076 visits from 144,581 unique users. About 43% came from Ukraine and 30% from Russia. After the homepage, the TV broadcast was the most visited area on the website.

KCM’s Russian Facebook page started in 2011, growing to over 10,300 Likes, with posts reaching up to 310,000 people. Partners, you are part of this powerful, ongoing outreach.

The recent conflict in Ukraine has presented challenges with the delivery of Partner letters and magazines to our Partners, with large amounts of returned mail. It’s estimated that more than a million are displaced from the eastern part of Ukraine alone, and the infrastructure that has been destroyed makes postal service to many other areas in the conflict zone impossible. Twenty-five percent of KCM’s Russian speaking Partners live in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Pressure on financial and economic systems have resulted in the devaluation of currency and increased taxes, while scarcity and rationing have caused food prices and other consumables imported to be more than double what they were a few months ago. 10,423 KCM Partners live predominately in Russia and Ukraine.

This is a call to pray. Partners, join Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, and all the KCM Partners around the world. Together, let’s stand in faith and pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray for them every day, that they’d be full of faith and strong in the Lord—empowered by The BLESSING.

KCM’s Russian language outreach will continue to spread the gospel and reach millions of people throughout eastern Europe. We are maintaining a presence of God’s Word to be a voice of victory—declaring that Jesus Is Lord!

Will You Say Yes to Partnership?

God has called us to stand together! Through Partnership, we maximize our impact for the Kingdom. See why more than 377,000 Christians have joined with us…and how you can, too!

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Disaster Relief – 2014 Year in Review

This was a busy year for the Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Disaster Relief Team!

The Disaster Relief Team responded to major disasters in 2014, including:

  • Tornadoes and flooding in Ark., Okla., Ala., Tenn., Miss. and Fla.
  • Hail and windstorms in Texas
  • An earthquake in Calif.
  • Tropical storms that affected Hawaii’s Big Island

Watch this video to see the numerous people who were helped in 2014!

Rebuilding homes and restoring life back to normal following a disaster does not happen in a week, or a month; sometimes it takes years. That’s why the KCM Disaster Relief Team strives to help with the long-term recovery of each community we touch. We do this through an event called The REACH. The goal of this program is to meet people’s physical and spiritual needs.

  • In Longmont, Colo., 400 families still recovering from devastating floods were provided with a week’s worth of groceries.
  • In August, following a damaging tornado, 800 children in Tupelo, Miss., received a brand new backpack filled with school supplies.
  • After a 6.0 earthquake rocked California, 800 families in Vallejo received a week’s worth of groceries and a Thanksgiving turkey.
  • And in December, over 500 children affected by floods in Detroit, Mich., received a very special Christmas surprise.

Click here to watch more videos from KCM’’s 2014 Disaster Relief Outreaches

The KCM Disaster Relief Team helped hundreds of people last year—all thanks to the Partners of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. 2015 will be no different!

We are always standing with you in faith that natural disasters will not harm, damage or come nigh KCM Partners and Friends. And as you know, Kenneth and Gloria pray Psalm 91 over you daily. The Disaster Relief Team is on alert, responding as needed. Additionally, we hope to host four REACH events this year in communities still recovering. Praise God!

Jesus Is Lord!

Steve Poteet

Outreach Department

Reaction Tour Uganda 2015…Look What The Lord Has Done!

THANK YOU, JESUS! Once again, our trip to Uganda was a huge SUCCESS! Thanks to everyone who sent in shoes, sowed financial seeds, and—most importantly—prayed for us.

We had a mission set before us, and through the grace of God, we conquered.

For a full week, 600 youth joined us. Every day we filled their hearts with preaching and worship, followed by activities including basketball, soccer, dance, volleyball, workshops on leadership and worship. Each camp, The Lord has been faithful to show us how to extend our ministry through these activities.

This year, we had over 150 salvations! At the end of camp, during Healing School, we made a “tunnel” (made up of the Reaction Tour team and Ugandan ministry leaders standing side by side), for anyone who wanted healing in their home, heart, mind or body. ALMOST ALL OF THE 600 KIDS CAME THROUGH THIS TUNNEL. We poured out what The Lord had waiting for them. It was one of the most powerful ministry times I have ever experienced. Kids were saved, lives were changed, and most importantly, The Lord was present!

We know that He does not let a work go unfinished. I am so thankful for every seed planted during the week. From the shoes, to the food, to The Word, The Lord revealed Himself to every person there.

Again, THANK YOU. We could not have held this camp without you. Continue to follow us to see where The Lord leads us next!

Be blessed and remember…

Jesus Is Lord!







Courtney Copeland