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Spiritual Leaders Pray for Donald Trump on 9-28-15

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Kenneth and Gloria were invited to meet with presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday to give Mr. Trump a spiritual perspective about the most critical issues facing our nation. In this video, you can see Jewish and Christian leaders gathering around to pray for Mr. Trump. You can hear Kenneth specifically praying that God would give Mr. Trump wisdom according to James 1 and that God would reveal Himself to him.

One of the foundation principles of Christianity is prayer. As Christians, we are called to pray for all people, which includes not only those we love and care for, but also those we may not agree with, our enemies and all of those in authority. As we are obedient to sincerely pray as the Bible instructs, the door is opened for God to work in the hearts of those we pray for. 


Note: The Copeland’s attendance at this meeting does not mean that they are endorsing Trump. Brother Copeland is willing to pray with any candidate that asks for prayer, no matter what the party affiliation. This is according to I Timothy 2:1 & 2.