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KCM Partner Testimony: God’s Unfailing Love Changes the Life of a Foster Child

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Kenneth Copeland Ministries Partner JD Diefenbacher’s life was changed by God’s unfailing love.


Growing up in the foster care system, JD lived in 23 foster homes throughout his childhood. With such an unsure environment, JD had a difficult time loving and receiving love from others. He even worked in ministry for 20 years caring for the needy and helping the homeless, but still, he had difficulty trusting and loving those outside his immediate family.


Then God moved JD to a new ministry position at Family Community Church in North Highlands, California, where Pastor Bill Krause showed him God’s unfailing love. When describing his relationship with Pastor Krause, JD describes it this way: It “was a connection I had not felt before. If I had a father, it would be the connection I would have with one. It was a paternal, God loves you, I love you, and I’m expressing the love God has for you.” That’s the kind of connection JD was finally experiencing.


Though he admits that he didn’t know how to respond to Pastor Krause’s godly love for him at first. It baffled him. In time, having someone love him with God’s unfailing love changed his life. JD admits that it has made him a better husband and father.


The joy and peace JD has in his life are clear, and he looks for ways to share God’s unfailing love with others. Watch this video to see how God’s unfailing love can change a life, even change your life.


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