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Make Every Day Resurrection Day

With These 13 Attributes of God’s Unending Love for You Looking for a fresh start, clean break or a new and better you? Maybe the excitement of the new year wore off just days after the crystal ball dropped in Times Square—and you’ve been looking for the RESET button ever since. Consider how Jesus must…


The Covenant vs. the Contradiction: Which Side Are You On?

When you’re face-to-face with circumstances in your life, which side are you on? The covenant or the contradiction? READING TIME: 5 MINUTES Imagine that you have a guaranteed advantage in every situation that comes up in your life. The kind of advantage that makes people wonder how it is you have so much success in…


5 Practical Ways to Cast Your Cares on Jesus

Do you struggle with worry, stress or fear? You can go free and never worry another day in your life! What am I going to do? Have you ever had that thought? A seeming crisis looms in your finances or your job, you received a bad report about your health, or an important relationship seems…


Kenneth Copeland Speaks a Christmas Blessing Over YOU

Are you ready to receive a fresh Word this Christmas for the coming year? Kenneth Copeland is speaking a Christmas blessing over YOU!   Most Christmas plays at church speak of the precious day our Savior was born. It’s what we are celebrating!   Don’t stop at celebrating His birth—celebrate Jesus—everything Hehas done for you…


3 Ways to Know If You’re Relying on Jesus

Are you relying on Jesus today? Below are three ways to find out for sure! The world is fast-paced and ever-changing. Just when you become familiar with one form of technology or a new set of laws, it all changes again! Even people seem to be unpredictable at times. In a world of uncertainties and…


10 Ways to Be Filled With the Hope of Christmas

As you share Christmas with friends and family, here are 10 ways to stir yourself up and be filled with the Hope of Christmas. Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to the most beautiful gift under your tree. Wrapped in sparkly Christmas paper and tied with a gorgeous bow, it beckons to be opened. You…


New Life in Christ – Dennis

Dennis’ found Jesus had answers to all his questions about his life! Have you prayed the prayer of salvation with us on the broadcast this week and started your own new life in Christ? If so, we have a special Salvation Package for you. Click here to get yours!