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It’s a Miracle! KCM Partner Family Survives Deadly Tornado in Virginia

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Hello everybody! We have a miracle and an AMAZING testimony to share! This past weekend, our KCM Disaster Relief Team responded to the recent tornadoes in Appomattox, Va. Our Partner, Sandy Burchette, wasn’t home when the tornado hit, but her son Jake, a U.S. veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan, was asleep during the day because he works the night shift.

When the storm neared their home, a noise woke Jake up just as he was swept into the funnel of the tornado. He was barraged by debris and thrown into a brick wall of a house 300 yards away. Miraculously, Jake’s wounds were minor, and he was able to walk to safety.

“It really didn’t register to me what was happening,” says Jake.

Sandy was on her way home from work and couldn’t reach her home by car because the roads were blocked from debris. After finally reaching Jake, Sandy and her son realized their home and vehicles had been completely destroyed.

“There is no doubt in my mind that He [God] cradled Jake,…and cushioned him as he hit that brick wall. I know that,” remarks Sandy.

Watch the story from Jake’s perspective, starting with when he was flung into the tornado, in the video below:



Thankfully, because of the generosity of KCM Partners, the KCM Disaster Relief team was able to meet, pray for, and help the Burchette family financially. Praise God for His mighty protection in the midst of a storm and the power of Partnership!

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