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Kenneth Copeland Speaks a Christmas Blessing Over YOU

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Are you ready to receive a fresh Word this Christmas for the coming year? Kenneth Copeland is speaking a Christmas blessing over YOU!


Most Christmas plays at church speak of the precious day our Savior was born. It’s what we are celebrating!


Don’t stop at celebrating His birth—celebrate Jesus—everything Hehas done for you and everything He has provided. How do you honor the greatest gift? With your faith—radical faith.


What does radical faith look like? What can it achieve? The answer is this—anything you’re believing for that is found in the Word of God. If you need a financial miracle, healing in your body, or a damaged relationship repaired—it’s time to get radical in your faith and receive it this Christmas. As you go into this season determined to build your faith and see a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in your life, receive from this powerful word, as Kenneth Copeland speaks a Christmas blessing over YOU.


“Gloria and I are declaring the most wonderful, glorious, healing, well, prosperous, life-changing Christmas you have ever had in all of your life. And I am declaring today by the unction of the Spirt, that by this time next year, Mark 11:24 will have come to pass. Whatsoever thing you desire today, believe you receive it, and you will have it in full by Merry Christmas 2019.”


Watch as Kenneth and Gloria Copeland speak a Christmas blessing over YOU.



Do you receive that today? Lay hold of it by faith. Be someone who has an uncommon, radical, bulldog faith that won’t let go of the promises of God no matter what comes your way. Here are some steps you can take, beginning today, to develop a faith that lays hold of everything God has for you:


  1. Be aggressive. Don’t just hold the fort; start taking new ground. Don’t settle for second best in any area of your life—pursue every promise with determination. Don’t wait for God to drop it in your lap—go after it with everything you’ve got!
  2. Bite down on the Word, and don’t let go. When you set your sights on a promise in God’s Word, there’s no way around it—you’re in for the fight of your life—the fight of faith! Here’s how you win—Don’t. Let. Go. Ever. Don’t give up, don’t give in and DO NOT QUIT.


Learn how you can develop bulldog faith here.


  1. Don’t take no for an answer. This is part of step 2 and cannot be overstated. If you’re believing for healing, and the first thing your body says is, “No.” Well, it isn’t up to your body—your body isn’t calling the shots. The Word says, “Yes,” and that’s the word you stand on.
  2. Be fully persuaded. It seems that everything and everyone will try and talk you out of believing for God’s goodness. But, if you have filled up enough on the Word concerning your situation, you can’t be talked out of it. Why? Because you are fully persuaded.
  3. Reach out and take it. You probably hear that a lot, but what does it really mean? How can you take something that isn’t there? You believe you receive when you pray. You declare out loud that according to scriptures (list them), you claim the promise of God for healing, provision or any other need you have that’s covered by the blood of Jesus or the promises in His Word.


Make this your best Christmas yet! Honor the birth of Christ with your faith. Give Him the praise, glory and trust He deserves. Radical faith is faith that gives glory to God.