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The Covenant vs. the Contradiction: Which Side Are You On?

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When you’re face-to-face with circumstances in your life, which side are you on? The covenant or the contradiction?


Imagine that you have a guaranteed advantage in every situation that comes up in your life. The kind of advantage that makes people wonder how it is you have so much success in your life. You enjoy good health, a strong marriage, a thriving family, successful ministry, booming business, and plenty of money to live well and give well.

In fact, you live so well, people are drawn to you—intrigued by a life they long to live themselves.

What’s your secret?” they might ask. “My secret,” you’ll say, “is that I choose to believe the covenant over the contradiction in every situation in my life.”

Intrigued, they’ll want to know more.

Here’s what you’ll tell them.

The Advantage Is on the Covenant Side

Anything God has promised in His Word is His covenant with you—it’s a guarantee, no matter what people say is “the norm” or what most people experience.  As Gloria Copeland says, “It really doesn’t matter what man says, it’s what God says that counts.” That’s the covenant side—siding with God’s Word over man’s word.

God’s covenant was put into place long ago when God promised to make Abraham a great nation with many descendants and a whole lot of prosperity all around (read the details HERE). The best part of the deal is that we were added to the official agreement through Christ Jesus, making us rightful heirs to all the same promises (Galatians 3:14, 29).

There’s just one thing. To receive the benefits, you have to first choose to live on the covenant side of life. You can’t have one foot in and one foot out to live the kind of life that always prospers.

The whole world, and the majority of Christians, align themselves with the contradiction instead of the covenant. But what about you? Which side will you choose? Find out how you can always be on the winning side between the covenant and the contradiction.

Covenant vs. Contradiction: On Healing

You’re feeling symptoms of that cold or virus everyone’s been talking about. You’ve even sneezed and coughed. Or maybe you received a bad report from the doctor about your health. Now, you have a decision to make—are you going to side with the covenant or the contradiction?

The covenant says you are healed of every sickness and disease, which means you have the right to live in divine health all the days of your life (Isaiah 53:4-5, Matthew 8:17).

On the other hand, you have the contradiction, which is:

  • Everything you can see, feel, hear, smell and taste on the outside
  • Your symptoms
  • What the news says, or what the people around you speak and believe
  • Commercials telling you that you should count on needing pharmaceuticals.

To stay on the winning side, we must NEVER, EVER YIELD to the contradiction but, rather, like our father Abraham, consider not the opposing view. We must boldly call things that be not as though they were: “I know what the doctor said, but I call my body well. Heart, I call you well. Eyes, I call you well. Stomach, feet, etc., I call you well.”

You may be thinking, I believe in healing.

But are you really siding with the covenant?

  • As long as you believe God is going to do something, you’re really just pushing it off into the future. If you think in your heart, Sometime, He’ll heal me, you won’t receive it that way. That’s not covenant—it’s contradiction.
  • If you’re praying for healing, while believing you have to convince God to do it, it won’t work for you. God honors faith—faith in the fact that your healing is already bought and paid for.
  • People often expect prayer to heal them. Prayer isn’t a healer in itself. You pray the prayer of faith—faith is what raises people up to receive from God.

Stay on the covenant side! Abraham didn’t consider natural things in his own situation—he sided with the covenant—and he received what God had promised.

Covenant vs. Contradiction: On Financial Prosperity

As much as symptoms in your physical body can talk—money talks, too. Have you ever noticed that? It tells you how much you need it to survive and thrive, it tells you to pay those bills and borrow for that car, and then it reminds you how much you owe someone else.

And the world is no help in this arena, either. “You can’t buy a house or a car without a loan,” they say. “You’ll never make that much money,” they taunt. “It could take a lifetime to have enough to retire,” they muse.

One blow after another, the contradictions chip away at the covenant God has with His people. Remember that covenant with Abraham? It included financial prosperity—a lot of it (Deuteronomy 8:18). You can be debt free, live in an overflow, give extravagantly and rise to new levels in your career—but you have to side with the covenant! (Learn how to take dominion in your finances HERE.)

That’s why, if you want covenant blessing in your finances, you’ll stay away from those contradictions.

Kenneth Hagin shares why:

“As long as Satan can hold you in the arena of reason, he’ll whip you in every combat and every battle, every day of your life. But as long as you’ll hold him in the arena of faith, you’ll defeat him in every battle, every day.”


Find out what the Word of God says about finances and get right in line with it, believe it—more than you believe anything else—and you’ll have it. It really is that simple. (Try this Prayer to Believe the Covenant Over the Contradiction.)

Watch Kenneth Copeland teach you more about God, the Covenant and the Contradiction.

Covenant vs. Contradiction: On Family

We talk about healing and finances a lot, but what about family? What promises are in God’s Word about our relationships? Plenty!

If you’re desiring to be married, have children, repair a broken marriage or relationship, or live free of strife, that’s all part of God’s covenant with you. Like any other promise, there are conditions (see The “Ifs” Between You and Your Promise). But the promise overrides any contradiction.

Let’s consider some of the numerous contradictions the world has conjured up when it comes to family. These are all contradictions to the Word of God.

  • Maybe you’re just not meant to get married
  • There is no chance for you to conceive children
  • 50% of marriages end in divorce
  • You’ll be better off without your spouse
  • Teenagers are challenging and get into trouble
  • Your family just doesn’t get along.

DO NOT receive these contradictions in your life. Stand on the side of the covenant when it comes to family and relationships.

If you’ve been standing on a promise for years—that’s the problem. You’re in for a long stand if you’re waiting for something that’s already been done. If you believe it’s done, there’s nothing left for you to do but give glory to God. You won’t ask for it anymore—you’ll just thank God.

Kenneth Hagin’s advice? “Quit standing on the promise and start acting on the Word.”

A Final Word

Meditate on what you’ve learned today, then ask yourself: Have you allowed contradictions to work their way into your thinking and into your words? Repent and change that as quickly as you can.

Get your mind off your finances, off your body, off your relationships, and get your mind on the Word of God. Say, “I know what the contrary evidence is, but I call my body healed. I call my family whole. I call my finances well and increasing. As for me and my house, there are no contradictions. God said it. We believe it. That settles it. We are determined to stay on the God side, the covenant side, of everything.”

When you make a decision between the covenant and the contradiction, you’re really making a decision between victory and defeat. You were created to have dominion, and through Christ, you were meant to enjoy a prosperous, abundant life. Choose the covenant side of life—you’ll never be disappointed!

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