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Kenneth Copeland Music Ministry

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Partners and Friends know Kenneth Copeland as a powerful prophet and teacher. But often they’re pleasantly surprised to discover he has a successful music ministry as well. In fact, over the past 33 years, Brother Copeland has released 32 albums–one of which included a Grammy-nominated song: “Only the Redeemed.”

Kenneth-Copeland-Ministries-Big-band-gospel.jpgKenneth Copeland’s love for singing stemmed from his childhood, but took first place in 1957, when he recorded a song called “Pledge of Love” for a mainstream label…long before he accepted his God-given call to ministry.

“That very day, I received my draft notice,” said Brother Copeland. “The record was released while I was in basic training in the U.S. Army. It did real well, but I couldn’t do anything about it. While that record was on the move, instead of being available to accept offers to perform on national TV and on movie soundtracks, I stood guard duty.

“Today, I thank Almighty God for protecting me,” he added. “Two other young men had their first records on the charts at the same time as ‘Pledge of Love.’ Their names were Johnny Mathis and Elvis Presley. That kind of success would have destroyed me.”

When he was released from the Army, young Kenneth walked away from his 20-year dream of being an entertainer. “I didn’t sing for a long time after I began this ministry. Why? I had a lot to unlearn. I knew how to entertain, and I knew how to sell a song. That’s not what I was called to do.

“The call on my life is to preach the Word of God. I can do that with or without a melody, but the motive of my heart has to be that the Word goes forth. I’m not saying there isn’t an element of entertainment in ministry music. I am saying that it’s wrong for someone with a call on his life to make entertainment a priority.”

Since making that decision, God has blessed Brother Copeland, with countless opportunities to use music as a ministry. His psalmist gift has enabled him to minister to those who may not listen to his teaching, but will receive his ministry in song.

Click the link below to see a full list of Kenneth Copeland’s Music Ministry.


2004 – Big Band Gospel

2004 – Home for Christmas

2002 – One Nation Under God

1999 – Just a Closer Walk

1997 – What a God You Are

1994 – I Was on His Mind

1992 – London Praise Collection

1991 – Christmas Every Day

1991 – I Wanna Go

Kenneth Copeland Ministries Just a Closer Walk.jpg

1990 – The Kenneth Copeland Collection, Volume II

1988 – The Kenneth Copeland Collection, Volume I

1987 – Down From His Glory

1986 – Great Songs of Praise*

1986 – I Give You Jesus

1985 – Best of Kenneth Copeland*

1984 – What Child Is This?

1984 – Then Came the Morning

1983 – Spirit Wind*

1982 – Worship Him*

1981 – Kenneth Copeland and Friends Live!*

1981 – He Is Jehovah

1981 – Bread Upon the Water

1980 – The Word

1980 – In His Presence

1979 – Music Ministry of Kenneth Copeland*

1979 – I’m a Believer*

1979 – Sing Hallelujah

1979 – I’ll Fly Away

1975 – More About Jesus*

1974 – I Have Returned

1974 – Jesus Is Lord*

1974 – Jesus Country*

*Album/song is no longer available.

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