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Kenneth Copeland Ministries Aids In Relief Efforts

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Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) announced today that it has become aware of misleading and potentially damaging misinformation that has been circulated through various news media outlets.  The misinformation falsely suggests that Kenneth Copeland, and the leadership at Kenneth Copeland Ministries, have broken a promise to provide humanitarian aircraft services for all natural disasters on a worldwide basis, and therefore were instrumental in causing people of Haiti additional harm by not having aircraft immediately available.  Furthermore, the claim suggests that there has been a misuse of donated funds related to developing humanitarian aircraft services.

Because KCM cares deeply for its Partners and Friends, the ministry and its leadership would like to clarify any confusion that may result from these allegations.  In 2006 KCM did, in fact, make one of its aircraft available to provide support during the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and also investigated the possibility of providing such assistance for future disasters.  The ministry decided that the best use of resources would be to start a disaster relief fund, and to determine the best course of action on a case by case basis.  All monies that are donated to this fund are used for appropriate disaster relief efforts, and not used for any of the day to day operations at KCM.  Specifically, with regard to Haiti, because of the magnitude of the disaster, the geographic location, the poor conditions for flights in and out, and the vast involvement of the US military and other government agencies, KCM believed that the best course of action was to send targeted funds to disaster relief ministries and organizations that had better access to Haiti on the ground than did KCM.  In addition, KCM also sent relief aid to a Haitian orphanage that the ministry has supported for many years.  KCM continues to financially support ongoing relief efforts.

As our partners and friends know, KCM is primarily a media based teaching ministry, however it invests millions of dollars every year into helping people throughout the world.  KCM pours resources into more than 100 ministries in more than 120 countries.  The ministry gives to churches, evangelistic outreaches, orphanages, youth programs, and rehabilitation centers.  KCM is feeding the hungry, meeting needs of men, women, and children, setting captive hearts free, and ministering faith, hope, and love across the globe.  KCM helps supply over 50,000 inmates with devotional and other products to encourage them every month, answers almost 1,000,000 prayer calls per year, and answers over 1,000,000 pieces of mail.  Furthermore, KCM mails over 500,000 magazines at no cost to the recipients and reaches a potential TV audience of 965 million people worldwide with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.  These are just a few of the outreaches and ministries of KCM.  For a complete list, please go to  KCM’s general counsel David Middlebrook of Anthony and Middlebrook, P.C. states:  “Kenneth Copeland Ministries is one of the premier Christian Ministries in the world today and is run with the utmost integrity.  The Church has an annual independent audit and there are no funds that have been misused or unaccounted for.”

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