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KCM Partners & Friends unite with Feed the Children

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KCM Partners and Friends unite with Feed the Children to continue disaster relief efforts in Joplin, MO

You and KCM were on the ground ministering to the people of Joplin, Mo., shortly after tornadoes hit in May 2011. We reached out with the love of Christ and helped hundreds in the hard-hit community!

            Now we’re going back! We have partnered with Feed the Children to bring food and clothing to over 800 families in the area who are still struggling to recover from the devastation.

KCM’s ministry arm The Reach led by Minister of Evangelism Riley Stephenson will be reaching out, praying with people and touching them with both the good news of Jesus and provision to give them help for today and hope for tomorrow. You can see more about Riley and his team at thecityreach.com.

KCM’s Disaster Relief Fund is our ongoing ministry outlet for our Partners to participate in helping people hit hard by disasters. If you would like to contribute to the most current relief efforts, click here.

Thank you for being part of all we do every day at KCM to show people around the world just how much God loves them and help them see that despite any disaster that comes their way…

Jesus Is Lord!

Kenneth Copeland Ministries



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