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Happy Thanksgiving to our CX Team!

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Mission 3: Update – Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity!


With Thanksgiving upon us, it really is time for CX leadership to give thanks for the faithfulness of every CX Team member who has sown so generously this year. By the time you receive this letter, together, your freshly sown CX seed will have nearly crossed the $1 million mark—just since July! Praise the Lord.


So, of the $2.2 million needed to completely reconfigure the GV interior and close out Mission 3, almost half that mountain is already cast into the sea, and more is headed there every day. The goal is to provide all the funds for this final phase as soon as possible, because the work will not commence until the cash is in the bank—in full. In the meantime, Brother Copeland is making great use of the GV on his trips, as well as planting some twice-sown GV seed—such as recently taking Reinhard Bonnke to Peru. He has also expressed how this particular aircraft has favorably impacted him physically by allowing FULL REST during his travels. Arriving physically, mentally and spiritually rested allows him to be even better prepared to minister the Word. Oh, what a good work God has wrought through YOU! Thank you.


Faith is NOW, and we celebrate together over a bountiful harvest on your CX seed sown! As you read this message, angels are at work, delivering your customized harvest. We speak THE BLESSING over you, and we know God is looking to and from across the earth for those whom He can strongly support, those whose hearts are wholly His and through whom He can accomplish His work on earth. That’s you!


Using my faith, I have personally experienced many miracles, and I have continued to learn more about faith through my walk with Jesus Christ. It seems everything God has asked my family to do appears impossible—but with Him, it’s not. God wants us to dream big and to believe for a big harvest. I recently met with a pastor from Sweden. He told me he was praying for a house and God told him, You’re believing in your own natural ability. You aren’t believing big enough for Me to be involved.


The point is, if it’s something we can do, we don’t need faith in God. In Scripture and through personal experience, I’ve repeatedly seen that faith grows when we stretch, and many things that look impossible in the natural come to fruition by faith. God wants to see how far out we will step, in faith, to meet Him. He’s not the limitation to what we achieve. When that pastor realized this and stepped out in faith, God met him with a home far greater than he originally expected. Praise be to God! He’ll do it for you too.


Mission 3 was a huge step of faith when it launched. We had no idea how much God would enlarge our vision, or how much impact the GV would have on this ministry or on Brother Copeland. In the same way, I believe God has plans for your harvest that are beyond expectation! I encourage you to enlarge your vision and stretch your faith for a bountiful harvest on ALL the CX seed you’ve sown—and will continue to sow. Let’s wrap up the rest of this GV mission and prepare to move to whatever is the next CX mission God sets before us. As we do so—in faith—we’ll see God move as only He can!


We love you and look forward to hearing about your harvest! To God be the glory.

Happy Thanksgiving to our CX family!


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“Then shalt thou delight thyself in the Lord; and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth.” Isaiah 58:14


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