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Elite CX Team Mission 3 Accomplished!

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With excitement, I bring great news to every Elite CX Team member today! 100% of CX Mission 3 is now FUNDED IN FULL. To borrow one of Pastor George Pearson’s sayings, “The money is in the bank!”

We’ve all read and stood in faith from time to time for the manifestation of Amos 9:13. That scripture says, “Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills” (The Message).

Well, over the last few weeks, we have literally experienced Amos 9:13 coming to pass with respect to reporting to you on sowing and reaping for our Mission 3 CX project.  When I began drafting this update letter to you several weeks ago, the balance we needed to complete Mission 3 was over $65,000. By the time I finished the first draft, the balance was below $35,000. Last week, as we were editing the final version and making what we thought would be one last update of the remaining amount, that balance started changing so fast that by the time we made a revision, the amount was down even further. I wanted to report the correct balance, but I couldn’t get ahead of the harvest, it was changing so fast. And then, on Thursday, December 5—the day before Brother Copeland’s 83rd birthday—the balance went to ZERO!  Praise the Lord.

So, all phases of Mission 3 are now paid for. That includes over $10.7 million in Phase 1 for purchasing the Gulfstream V (GV) and installing 2020-required avionics; plus $2.2 million in Phase 2 to fund complete reconfiguration of the interior to seat 17 instead of 7, and to better accommodate in-flight sleep, prayer, Bible study and ministry work.

Brother Copeland asked me to update you on the progress of our Phase 2 project. Immediately after returning from KCM’s Australia Gold Coast Victory Campaign in September, the work began by stripping all the main cabin interior out of the plane, all the way back to the airframe. By March 2020, it will have a completely new interior. The new seating reconfiguration requires the GV interior to be completely gutted and rebuilt with new wiring, lights, controls, AC vents, seats, seat belts, tables and cabinetry; with every item reengineered to the latest FAA standards.

Watch this quick time-lapse video of the work in progress.

By the time it went to the shop, the GV had already flown 141,723 statute miles and 301 flight hours, to 18 states and 7 countries! Every mile to the glory of God! And when finished, it won’t just be new, it will be customized to the specific needs of this ministry and to the vital mission of extending Brother Copeland’s life to 120 years—something it has already helped do.

Mac Gober envisioned YOU when he founded the Elite CX Team, a dedicated group of 10,000 who would quickly supply their portion of any project. Mac’s dream is closer than ever because of you. Our TEAM motto, Together Everyone Achieves Much, is a reality today.

The CX leadership team along with Brother Copeland are so grateful for you. It’s a blessing and an honor to walk alongside you. Your prayers, faith and financial gifts mean so much to Brother Copeland and the CX leadership team—Sheila and me included.

Take a moment to agree with me about the CX seed you’ve sown. We agree with you for an abundant harvest into your hands, your business, your household; NOW, in Jesus’ Name!

I know many of you wanted to sow one last time, before the end of 2019, into the last bit of Mission 3. Even though Mission 3 is fully funded, you can still add to your 2019 CX giving. Everything extra that comes in will be rolled forward and designated for the next CX project the Lord sets before us. This creates the first opportunity ever to begin to build a pool of CX financial resources, in advance, that are ever-ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice to do Kingdom work. All of that, supported by an ever-ready TEAM of Elite CX members, reaping a harvest from their seed previously sown, from which they immediately replenish the reserves! Never any lack!

And in closing, please know that we are pressing in the spirit with you for more and more increase to bring your abundant harvest into your hands in 2019 and 2020. Expect it.

BLESSINGS to you, 
CHARLIE BOLLINGER and the Elite CX Leadership Team

Elite CX Team