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Thank You, Elite CX Team

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Dear Elite CX Team Partner,

First, I want to apologize for taking so long to personally thank you for the Gulfstream V! What a marvelous airplane. It is so quiet and comfortable in the cabin that study and preparation to preach is wonderful. I know I’ll be writing my Partner Letter from there a lot, even when the aircraft is sitting in the hangar.

This airplane is a very special, anointed sanctuary. It is a place of separation and peace, especially on long trips.

Thank you, Elite CX Team, and a great thank-you to our leadership, Charlie and Sheila Bollinger, Brandon and Myra Bollinger, Joshua Gober, and Caleb Gober. You are so anointed to lead this team. I am grateful for your strong leadership and your walk of faith and integrity. My thank-you would not be complete without acknowledging the founder of the Elite CX Team, Mac Gober. Thank you to Sandra Gober. You and Mac formed this great team.

I’m so thankful to The LORD for this faithful and EAGER team with which He has surrounded Gloria and me. I never fly without giving thanks to Him for you.

Please know that YOU, dear Partner, are there with us, every glorious mile. I know you’ll be holding us up in prayer the whole time. With Partners like you and Jesus, all things are possible!

Again, thank you.





Elite CX Team