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Updated Statement Regarding Measles and Vaccinations

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In the past several days there has been incorrect or misleading information being reported about Kenneth Copeland Ministries/Eagle Mountain International Church’s (KCM/EMIC) position on vaccines and receiving medical attention. To be clear, KCM/EMIC believes in, and advocates the use of, medical professionals.  If an individual is faced with a situation that requires medical attention, that person should seek out the appropriate medical professional and follow their instructions using wisdom. As an example of KCM/EMIC’s commitment to the importance of the medical profession in the healing process, KCM/EMIC provides its employees with an onsite medical clinic staffed by an MD and a CMA, a first-rate health insurance program, and has sponsored onsite vaccination clinics. KCM/EMIC continues to stand by its original posted position issued August 21, 2013.