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The Top 5 Deceptions in the Church

Religious tradition, personal opinions or a hardened heart can all lead to deception. Find out if you’ve fallen for any of these common deceptions in the Church. It’s easier than you think… …to be deceived. We all want to believe it can’t happen to us, but it can—and to many, it does. The worst part?…


KCM Disaster Relief Team Visits Moore, OK

Steve Poteet and Riley Stephenson Continue Relief Effort on Second Day Steve Poteet and Riley Stephenson continued their walk through the debris in Moore, Okla., for a second day as they searched for KCM Partners.  They were able to bless one Partner with a check to repair his damaged roof, and he was able to…

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Part 2 of Kenneth Copeland's "Jonah" Experience

This story is continued from Kenneth Copeland’s “Jonah” Experience Shortly after the car wreck Kenneth and Gloria attended an Oral Roberts partner meeting and that’s where Kenneth Copeland received his anointing for ministry. At the end of the five-day meeting, Oral Roberts laid his hands on Kenneth. Moments later, while sitting in a chair, Kenneth…