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How to Pray for the United States Post-Election

At the close of our live election coverage last Tuesday night, Kenneth Copeland and the America Stands team prayed for our nation and shared some powerful Words from the Lord concerning the future of the United States. As Christians, we must persist in prayer and continue to pray for our nation. The team discussed specific…


When the Candidate You Didn’t Vote for Wins

by Kenneth Copeland   Did the other candidate—the one you didn’t vote for—win? If you’re disappointed by the recent election results, I have good news for you: The future of this nation is not in the hands of the politicians. No matter what political candidates you like or don’t like, or what party you support, you…


You Can’t Sit This Election Out… Pray and Vote!

With all the media hype and mudslinging involved during this presidential election season, it can be very easy and tempting to stand by, criticize and just “watch the show.” You may be so disgusted with the whole process that you’re even thinking about sitting this one out. But this is not a game, and it’s…