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Accepting the Whole Gift of Salvation This Christmas

Have you left some parts of your gift of salvation laying at the bottom of the bag? Learn what blessings you might be missing!   Opening a gift wrapped in a large gift bag filled with tissue paper can be a challenge. You dig around until you finally find something, and pull it out to…


New Life in Christ – Dennis

Dennis’ found Jesus had answers to all his questions about his life! Have you prayed the prayer of salvation with us on the broadcast this week and started your own new life in Christ? If so, we have a special Salvation Package for you. Click here to get yours!

Kenneth Copeland's "Jonah" Experience

In 1966, Kenneth Copeland had a “Jonah” experience when he was suddenly swallowed up one night in Marshall, Texas. Only God didn’t send a whale to turn Kenneth Copeland around. “God, who is my Deliverer, was waiting on me in Tulsa,” Brother Copeland recalls of that life-changing incident. “But instead of heeding the call of…