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Accepting the Whole Gift of Salvation This Christmas

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Have you left some parts of your gift of salvation laying at the bottom of the bag? Learn what blessings you might be missing!


Opening a gift wrapped in a large gift bag filled with tissue paper can be a challenge. You dig around until you finally find something, and pull it out to ooh and ahh. Then comes the awkward moment—do you reach in again, acting like you’re expecting something more, or do you just leave it? You decide to be as polite as possible and assume there is nothing more, when the gift giver shouts “There’s more!” Delighted, you reach back in for more. Just think—you may have missed out on some wonderful blessings if you hadn’t taken the time to accept the whole gift!


Some Christians are the same way when it comes to salvation. When they get born again, they receive the big, shiny gift bag filled with tissue paper. They pull out salvation and gratefully receive it. Then, they put the bag down and walk away. All the while, Jesus is shouting, “There’s more!”


Jesus paid a big price to provide an abundance of blessings for us to enjoy. We receive salvation by faith, and we receive everything that comes with it by faith, as well. If you’ve accepted your salvation but have left the other goodies in the gift bag—it’s time to reach in and take them, and give God the praise He deserves.


Here are the gifts just waiting to be received:


  • Healing

Wholeness and healing in your physical body is part of your salvation. Jesus bore your sicknesses and carried your diseases when He bore your sins. Health belongs to you, but it won’t be manifested until you believe God for it, until your faith comes, and you believe you receive it and say, “By His stripes I am healed.” That’s when healing starts to take place in your body—that’s when you accept the full gift.


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  • Protection

Maybe you’ve been bound by a spirit of fear, not knowing that your salvation includes the gift of protection from danger. If you’ll believe it and receive it, faith will come into your heart and dislodge all fear.


  • Material Possessions

If you’re in financial trouble, the answer doesn’t come from the outside in, it comes from the inside out. Jesus said He came to give you an abundant life—that includes total life prosperity and the blessing of material possessions. God loves you, and He wants you to eat the good of the land. Don’t leave that gift laying at the bottom of the gift bag. Open it and enjoy!


  • Deliverance

Depression, substance addiction, pornography addiction, strife, hopelessness, marriage trouble, worry, doubt, fear—anything that holds you in bondage—it’s all covered by the blood of Jesus. It’s all included in your gift of salvation.


Accepting the whole gift of salvation this Christmas is the best gift you can give back to God. It is an act of receiving His love. Have you ever tried to love someone who just wouldn’t love you back or would not receive the love that you offered them? There’s no joy in that. God is so full of love. He has gone to great lengths to give us salvation, so we can walk with Him, talk with Him and receive His love—that incomprehensible love that God has and is. And He wants a receiver for that. He’s calling out to you today, saying “There’s more!” Will you reach back into that bag and take what He’s given you?


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