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Are You Waiting for God To Bless You?

Six Keys To Unlock God’s BLESSING We all want to live blessed lives and experience the promises and blessings of God. We want to live lives where we’re free from sickness and disease, our relationships are thriving, money isn’t a struggle, debts and bills are paid, and we are blessing others. But many Christians struggle…


Accepting the Whole Gift of Salvation This Christmas

Have you left some parts of your gift of salvation laying at the bottom of the bag? Learn what blessings you might be missing!   Opening a gift wrapped in a large gift bag filled with tissue paper can be a challenge. You dig around until you finally find something, and pull it out to…


3 Gifts You Should Unwrap This Christmas

Would you like to open some Christmas gifts early? God has blessings in the form of three gifts you should unwrap this Christmas season.   There’s a lot of talk of giving gifts this time of year. You’re likely looking forward to unwrapping some shiny boxes yourself!   When you accepted Jesus as your Lord…