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Mission #2: Operation HD

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In 1991 KCM purchased its first mobile video production facility consisting of a TV truck, cameras, switcher and audio gear, which has supported the production of well over 5,000 hours of on-location footage at meetings. The equipment has been used also for all studio taping of over 4500 Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcasts.

With over 16 years of service, the current equipment has more than outlasted its expected use. In order to continue to walk in the standard of excellence for which Kenneth Copeland Ministries has always stood, the time has come to replace the television components.

The television industry has changed greatly since KCM equipped the first TV truck. We are not only replacing old equipment but are also moving forward with plans to accomplish more than we ever have. The costs of high definition television production have dropped so much in recent years that the difference between HD and standard definition is almost negligible.

This upgrade will allow KCM to take full advantage of the better image quality that digital television brings, as well as the even greater resolution of high definition TV. With 5.1 surround sound, you will feel like you are in the middle of a convention when you watch a meeting on DVD. And, you’ll think you’ve pulled up a chair at the table with Kenneth and Gloria while you watch the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast in high definition resolution.

Because the TV production truck will be completely digital, KCM will be in full compliance under the future federal mandate for digital television broadcasting. This is an exciting time as we move forward to bring the Word of God to the world in television excellence!

Elite CX Team