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Mission #1: Citation X Airplane

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Hello. I’m Mac Gober with Canaan Land Ministries, but today I’m coming to you as a Partner of KCM. God has put something on my heart, and I have a mandate from Him to share it with you.
One night while I was having dinner with John Copeland, I asked him, “John, just how many airplanes has your dad given away over the years?”
John smiled and said, “Twenty-six.”
Thinking, Wow! That’s a lot of seed! I asked, “And, how many planes have been given to your dad?”
John paused and answered, “None.” (At the time, John was not aware that early in Brother Copeland’s ministry he had been given two planes which he fixed and gave to other men of God.)
You can imagine my surprise at John’s answer.
“Whoa!” I said. “What’s wrong with this picture? You know, if people love your parents half as much as I do, we’ll get your mom and dad the equipment they need to travel around the world and preach the gospel.”
And we are on our way! In August 2003, KCM was blessed with a gift of a Gulfstream II airplane from Creflo Dollar Ministries.
It’s the beat of Brother Copeland’s heart to make sure the Word of God is taken from the top of the world, to the bottom, and all the way around. For more than 30 years, he’s been enabling other men and women of God to go when God says, “Go!” And that is exactly what God wants a special team of us to now do for Kenneth.
To spread the Word of God farther and faster, Kenneth and Gloria are believing God for two Citation X’s—the fastest civil aircraft in existence.When I first heard that the Copelands were believing God for these airplanes, in my heart I said, Done, Lord. But in my mind, I thought, I’m just one man. How can I buy an airplane that costs $20 million?
Then I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, You can’t, but 10,000 of you can.
I began to get very excited about what God was showing me—a team 10,000 strong ready to join in a very special relationship with this man and woman of God. I saw a group ready and willing to be called to special assignment, above and beyond our partnership commitment. The team’s first mission—purchase a piece of equipment to take Kenneth and Gloria around the world, preaching the gospel.
For more than 30 years, Kenneth has been teaching us the Word. He’s shown us how to walk in the things of God. He’s taught us about our authority in Christ as believers. He’s shown us how to prosper and live in health. Those are the things he is known for worldwide. But, bottom line, Brother Copeland loves seeing souls saved and lives changed.
That’s why he desires these Citation X’s—it’s all about souls.
When God tells Kenneth to travel to South Africa and hold a three-day Victory Campaign, he won’t have to wait to make commercial travel arrangements. He can just climb aboard his Citation X and go! He will be able to hold more meetings each year and go more places—places he couldn’t go before. Each Citation X will be another tool in the hands of God’s people.
Because God dropped this into my heart, I know we can do it. I know there are 10,000 Partners of KCM who are also called to be on this team. Will you join us? —Mac
Has the Lord called you to join us in our latest mission to bring the Word to the world?
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