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An Inspiring Example – A Tribute to Kenneth and Gloria for 50 Years of Ministry

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Keith and Phyllis Moore congratulate Kenneth and Gloria on 50 years of ministry!


Brother Kenneth & Mrs. Gloria,
We celebrate with you on your 50th anniversary in the ministry.
Phyllis and I will never forget the first time we were in one of your meetings. We were just married, and had just discovered the wonderful word of faith through your ministry when, by the grace of God, you came to a little auditorium in Jackson, Miss.


Sitting there in our bell-bottoms, the Spirit of God ministered to us so powerfully through you. Looking back now, it was a turning point in our lives into God’s good plan for us, setting us on His course for our lives.


For years now, we’ve been privileged to know you personally. What great and true friends you have been to us. Always believing in us, and always standing with us through every challenge and assignment. You have been strength and comfort to us many, many times.


Having been in the ministry for a while now ourselves, we are coming to realize the commitment and dedication it takes to do what you both have done so well now for half a century. We have witnessed how you have been willing to make any sacrifice and pay any price to accomplish what the Lord has instructed you to do. Your example is inspiring.


It was God who chose that, through your mouths, we should hear His good Word and believe.


Our lives have been forever changed and enriched beyond what we thought was possible. And the same is true for millions around the planet. Your value to us is beyond price!


We love you and thank God for the gifts that you are. Precious are your feet to us.


Keith & Phyllis


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