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Citation X Delivered!

Mac Gober began the Elite CX team to stand for a new Citation X airplane for Kenneth Copeland Ministries, so we could preach the uncompromised Word of the Lord around the globe without hindrance. The goal has been met and travel times are significantly decreased—making our ability to physically preach the Word easier than ever.…

Elite CX Team

Mission #1: Citation X Airplane

Hello. I’m Mac Gober with Canaan Land Ministries, but today I’m coming to you as a Partner of KCM. God has put something on my heart, and I have a mandate from Him to share it with you. One night while I was having dinner with John Copeland, I asked him, “John, just how many…

Elite CX Team

The Elite CX Team Is Born

“TEAM: Together Everyone Accomplishes Much!” – Mac Gober, founder of the Elite CX Team The Elite CX Team vision was validated in the prophecy given by Keith Moore on Sept. 20, 2002, to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. As you read, you will see that it explains the purpose of the Elite CX Team. We are…

Elite CX Team