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You Are Meant to Be Debt Free: 5 Ways to Get There Fast

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If you’re done living paycheck to paycheck, making never-ending payments and being subject to lenders, it’s time to make a change! You are meant to be debt free!

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Imagine yourself completely debt free. No mortgage. No car payment. No credit card debt or student loans.

Seem like just a dream? It doesn’t have to be—and it isn’t out of reach.

No matter how far in debt you are today, God’s will for you is debt freedom. He wants to set you free from the prison of being a servant to the lender, never-ending payments and interest upon interest. He wants you to live in abundance!

Sure, the world has plans to help you get out of debt, but as in everything, God’s way is better—faster—and will ensure you NEVER go into debt again.

You are meant to be debt-free. Here are five ways to get there FAST.

1. Decide to Be Debt Free

Can you really decide to be debt free? Yes! In fact, it’s a requirement for getting there. If you’re up to your eyeballs in debt, you may be thinking, I wish it really were that easy. I really want to be out of debt.

Here’s the key. Wanting to be out of debt and deciding to be debt free are two different things.


No one wants to owe someone a bunch of money and pay interest year after year. But some people have settled for the idea that it’s just the way life is. In their minds, everyone borrows money, everyone has a mortgage, everyone has car payments, so why not just accept it?

But that’s not God’s best. Here’s why.

You are meant to be debt free. Forever. God has said so, over and over in His Word.

But like any spiritual victory, becoming debt free begins with a decision. It may not seem like it’s in your control to even make that decision. It may seem like money is the one calling the shots. But that’s just a lie of the devil. YOU have dominion—you have control by the authority and grace of God. Now, it’s up to you to make a quality decision to live debt free for the rest of your life.

Once you do, you’ll be on the fast track to debt freedom.

If you’re in debt today, Gloria Copeland wants you to know, “You are only one decision away from your debt freedom.”

Decide to be debt free. Decide to start seeing it as not only possible but certain!

Watch Gloria Copeland share the testimony about when she and Kenneth first made the decision to become debt free.

2. Don’t Try to Become Debt Free on Your Own

Right about now, you’re probably thinking, It’s going to take something supernatural to get me out of the debt I’m in.

Perfect. That’s our next step.

One reason so many people feel trapped by debt is that they don’t see a way out. They want to get out of debt, but it seems impossible, so they just give up and keep drudging away at payments that seem never to bring down the total owed.

That’s the sloooow way. To get to debt freedom fast, you’ll need to turn your case over to the Master Financial Advisor—ASAP.

Like most things in life, trying to go it alone usually doesn’t work out. That’s because we were designed to trust, obey, listen to and lean on the Lord God Almighty. He does not want you to try to become debt free on your own. He wants to bring the supernatural to the table and demolish your debt, pour out a blessing on you, and guide you in wisdom in your newfound abundance.

But as long as you’re trying to do things in your own strength, He’s out. Sure, you have your part, but don’t be so focused on your part that you forget to let Him take the lead.

When you surrender (selah, or think, on that word for a moment)…

When you surrender your financial situation to the Lord (lay it at His feet, ask for His help, stop trying to fix everything in your own power), things will start to change. He’ll speak to you about changes you need to make spiritually and financially. He’ll give you revelation wisdom—ideas you never even thought of, but suddenly seem so obvious.

You’ll start to see bills reduced, raises, promotions and money coming from places you weren’t expecting. You’ll begin to see debt freedom.

Even though you were ultimately responsible for getting yourself into debt in the first place, when you repent and turn your heart toward living God’s way, He is so merciful. He will make a way where there seems to be no way (Isaiah 43:16-19). He will take the rough places of your life and make them smooth (Luke 3:5).

When you stop trying to become debt free on your own, there will be a day (and it won’t be long) when being in debt will seem like nothing but a distant memory. Your focus will be on becoming a wise steward of the abundance God has given you.

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3. Take Small Steps With Big Faith to Be Debt Free

Now, just because you’re leaning on the Lord doesn’t mean you’re doing nothing at all. God provided miracle upon miracle to deliver the Israelites from Pharaoh, but He required something of Moses to get the miracle moving.

In Exodus 14, the Israelites have fled their oppressors, and the Egyptians are hot on their trail with intent to do harm. Moses is trusting God for deliverance, but things aren’t looking good. He gets all the way up to the Red Sea (the end of his own ability), and it seems like the Israelites’ options have run out.

Then, God gives an instruction. “Pick up your staff and raise your hand over the sea” (verse 16). The rest is history. Total deliverance, miracles, supernatural intervention and…victory! And it was FAST.

That’s how it works. God is looking for cooperation—obedience that comes from faith. God didn’t tell Moses to solve the problem himself or conquer the sea on his own.

He only asked that Moses take a small step fueled by big faith to release power into his situation.

That’s what your role needs to look like in your pursuit of debt freedom. Take small steps with big faith to see the promised result. God has commanded that you “owe no man anything but to love” (Romans 13:8).

Here are some small steps with big faith you can take to release the power of the supernatural on your finances.

Start paying on your smallest debt. Do your very best, but know that even if only $5 over the minimum payment is within your means, it is a step of obedience and faith in God’s eyes.

STOP borrowing any money. At. All. It may seem like you “need” to borrow, but resist the temptation and let God be your one and only Source.

Sell some unwanted or unneeded items to raise money to put toward debt.

Sow a seed toward your debt freedom. What? Give money away while I’m in debt? Yes. Kingdom principles always supersede natural laws. You can’t reap if you don’t sow.

This is where it begins. Taking small steps of big faith toward debt freedom opens the door for God to work supernaturally on your behalf.

Learn more from The Profile of a Prosperous Christian HERE.

Give God something to work with. If the amount of debt you’re dealing with seems too big, don’t just give up—step up!

When you do, you’re saying, “God, I’m in this with You. I’m believing to see miracles. I’m putting feet to my faith, and I’m starting here. Bless my efforts, anoint me to stay the course, bless and multiply this dollar (or $10, or $100). Watch how fast you become debt free.

4. Let Testimonies of Debt Freedom Feed Your Faith

One way to get to debt freedom FAST is to build your faith through the power of testimonies.

If you’ve been around KCM for a while, you know we have quite a few testimonies of debt freedom among our Partners and Friends! You’ll find them in our books, on our website and all over KCM’s YouTube® page.

God is no respecter of persons. What He’ll do for your brother and sister in the Lord, He’ll do for you. Listen to their journeys, learn where they missed it, and how they fixed it. Let testimonies of debt freedom feed your faith. They will keep you going when circumstances don’t seem to be improving.

Here’s a testimony of debt freedom to get you started.

When Mylon Le Fevre first got saved, he had a massive amount of debt. It was so much, it seemed impossible that he could ever get out. As a new Christian, he had learned that God said in Romans 13:8 to get out of debt and stay out of debt.

So, he met with a financial counselor who mapped everything out for him, including how much he would need to put aside each month to achieve debt freedom.

Mylon put everything he had into getting out of debt. He didn’t eat out or purchase anything (he only bought the food he needed and paid his bills). He took steps of faith! Though the financial advisor said it would take five years and eight months, all of Mylon’s debt was gone in 18 months!

Let even more testimonies of debt freedom from these KCM Partners feed your faith!

Tola and Toyin Adegborioye

Bryan and Cindy Lee

Dr. Joshua and Illiana Bugler

These powerful testimonies will feed your faith for debt freedom until you see your own miracle.

The best part? Your testimony is next!

5. Check Your Stewardship to Become Debt Free

You’re feeding your faith and standing on God’s Word for debt freedom. Now…the question is: Are you in obedience to His Word concerning finances in other areas?

As sure as the sun shines, disobedience blocks the promises of God from coming to pass in our lives.

If you want to see financial blessings and promises from God, be sure to check your stewardship to become debt free.

Stewardship is important to God. In the Parable of the Talents, a certain amount of money was entrusted to each person. It was not their own money but was given to them to manage for the master. And, they were held accountable for the results.

That’s how God views the money we have been given. We are held accountable for the way we steward the money God gives us. We must be found faithful if we want to receive the rewards of the Master.

If you’re believing for debt freedom, check these areas of stewardship to be sure you’re living according to God’s requirements.

Treat the money you have as God’s money. (Deuteronomy 8:18)
If you have the idea that it’s your money, you earned it and it belongs to you—you’re already off the mark. Everything you have comes from God. Submit it to Him as a steward.

Do not trust in money. (Proverbs 11:28)
If you’re up at night thinking about how you’re going to pay your bills or you hold onto it tightly, you’re trusting in money instead of God.

Give the tithe. (Proverbs 3:9)
When you obey and honor God by tithing, you are demonstrating good stewardship of what He’s entrusted to you. You’re making Him your Source and trusting Him to provide in abundance for you.

Be generous. (2 Corinthians 9:6-7)
Good stewards are generous with their money. They sow generously because they know they will reap generously in return. They are big givers, big tippers and a need never goes unmet when they’re around.

Do not love money. (1 Timothy 6:10)
What does it mean to love money? It’s a heart issue fueled by greed. More, more, more. Loving money is always thinking about acquiring more—often with selfish motives. Love of money will put the dollar ahead of time spent with spouses and children or serving at church. Those are just a few symptoms, but it is a dangerous place to live.

You are meant to be debt free, and when you use these five ways to get there fast, you’ll be well on your way to living the prosperous life. No matter where you are today, financial freedom is well within your reach. Now go after it!

Watch Kenneth and Gloria Copeland teach you how to be set free from debt forever.

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