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West Coast Believers’ Convention Wrapup — Kenneth Copeland Ministries

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twitter_bird.jpgLast week we were in Long Beach, California for the West Coast Believers’ Convention. We wanted to do something special for those that were in attendance, so we hosted a Twitter giveaway each day of the convention. We gave away a Lifeline Kit and the new book from Jeremy Pearsons Hello My Name is God (also available on the Kindle).

Congratulations to our winners on Twitter @Supaflylbcgirl, @StevieJones415, @WCBelievers, @JoshWrabel, @CoffeeAli, and @CateCoffee.

Soon we’ll be doing another giveaway on Twitter and anyone is eligible to win. So be sure and follow us on Twitter and look for your chance to win some free stuff from Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

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