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5 Ways to Overcome Financial Pressure

Facing extreme financial pressure? There is a way out. Learn how you can take victory with these five ways to overcome financial pressure. There aren’t many things that can cause more stress and anxiety than financial pressure. It can be an all-consuming worry during the day and keep you up all night. The longer it…


3 Tithers’ Rights Every Christian Should Know

Do you know what your rights are as a tither? If you’re suffering any setbacks in life, you can put a stop to them! Learn about 3 tithers’ rights every Christian should know. God wants you blessed! There’s no question about it—God’s will is for His people to prosper and enjoy a life of “always…


Ministry Minute: Why Be A Cheerful Giver?

Got time for a Ministry Minute? Do you like receiving gifts? What about if the person giving you the gift doesn’t really want to give it to you, and they are just doing it because it’s expected? Well, if you’re like God, you would rather they just kept the gift! In this Ministry Minute, Kenneth…