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4 Ways To Tap Into the Glory of God

The glory of God isn’t just a feeling, an event or an Old Testament experience—it’s a spiritual tsunami of everything contained in the character of God. The word glory is literally translated “heavy weight,” meaning the heaviest, biggest, grandest thing about someone. It has been called the manifested presence of God, but more than just…


What Does God’s Glory Look Like?

I love talking about God’s glory. So many Christians don’t understand it. Even if they know a little more about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit than the average believer, even if they’re operating in a measure of His power, they’ve barely scratched the surface of what He can do in and through us. We…


A Historic Moment: JESUS IS LORD!

If you were to go back and read past issues of the Believer’s Voice of Victory magazines, watch all 28 years of BVOV broadcasts, or review recordings from all the KCM meetings, you would lose count of the times Kenneth Copeland proclaims, “Jesus Is Lord!” Throughout the years, Brother Copeland has declared “Jesus Is Lord!”…