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Restoring Haiti for the Long Haul

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The American Samaritan Fellowship (ASF) is a first-responder outreach providing critical support to earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Founded in 1991 by Buddy Shipp, ASF is able to cut though the logistics and get necessary medical and surgical supplies, as well as food, to Haitians with immediate needs. KCM Partners also work alongside ASF because their partnership with KCM helps provide life-changing resources. Kenneth Copeland said the Lord told him, “I want you in Haiti for the long haul, and Haiti will be saved!” KCM will be in Haiti for as long as it takes and beyond that to ensure the people have every opportunity to know how much God cares about them.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries and our Partners have been connected with the people of Haiti for nearly 20 years in regular support to ministries like the American Samaritan Fellowship, orphanages and clinics. We have contributed funds, prayed for them, and stood with them on many occasions. When you partner with KCM you can make what may appear impossible for man possible with God. The people of Haiti are discovering the love of God, and it’s changing their lives!

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