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Peruvian Pastor’s Dream Comes True

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Pastor Hernán Babilón, a KCM Partner in Lima, Peru, has been praying for Kenneth Copeland to preach in his city for more than a decade. June 6-7, 2014, his dream came true at the Peru Victory Campaign hosted by Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

Pastor Hernán first learned about Kenneth Copeland Ministries through ministry material he received at a Bible institute in 1997. He was in debt with no hope of ever getting out, and the message he heard from Kenneth Copeland—that God wants to bless His people—changed his life.

Without the support of his family, Pastor Hernán started a church in his living room with just a handful of members. He regularly showed Brother Copeland teachings about THE BLESSING on a small TV screen. Pastor Hernán told his congregation members, “One day, this man will preach in Peru.”

In 2008, Brother Copeland started holding Victory Campaigns in Venezuela and Pastor Hernán always attended. Every year Pastor Hernán would ask Brother Copeland if he would come to Peru, and every year Brother Copeland had the same response: “I’m coming to Peru, but not now.” In 2013, Hernán received a different answer to his question. Brother Copeland opened his mouth to reply, but led by the Holy Spirit, he found himself saying he would go to Peru in 2014.

Pastor Hernán immediately got to work networking with pastors and churches all over Latin America, encouraging them to make plans to attend the 2014 meeting. His hard work and faith paid off as more than 1100 pastors from all over the region attended the Peru Victory Campaign, with over 14,000 people in total attendance for all four sessions.

In addition, Brother Copeland accepted an invitation to preach at Pastor Hernán’s church the Sunday after the campaign. His church now has approximately 100 members and meets in a low-income settlement in Lima. The people had to make room for additional seating in the storage-front church by adding a connecting tent in the street!

“Brother Copeland preached to that congregation with as much intensity as he did to the thousands the two days before,” said Marcos Rey, who manages the Latin America outreach at KCM. “The congregation received the message about the authority and integrity of God’s Word with gladness.”

Pastor Hernán declared to his congregation, “The prophet has come; Peru will never be the same.”

Pastor Hernán continues to believe God will do big things in Peru. He believes that Peru will become one of the most prosperous nations in the world, and it will be a distribution center for THE BLESSING. He is believing also to buy—debt-free—a national stadium that seats 40,000 people for his growing congregation.

Join us as we stand in faith with Pastor Hernán and declare that “Jesus Is LORD!” over Peru and all of Latin America!

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We invite you to listen to all the meetings from the 2014 Peru Victory Campaign for free! Click here to download the audio MP3 files.

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