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See how YOU are making a difference!

From devastating storms to displacing floods, from unprecedented drought to destructive wildfires, you and KCM have come alongside thousands to help in communities across America. You make it possible to go door-to-door, find Partners and make a difference in their lives. Click below to watch our team in action! Click here to learn more about being…

Relief Team

We Are Reaching Out Together

Hurricane Isaac hit Louisiana hard! KCM’s Disaster Relief team visited and helped many of our Partners across the state. Thank you, Partners, for your support of Disaster Relief! Click here to learn more about the KCM Disaster Relief Team.

Somebody’s Stealing Your Boat!

The streets were a river, and things in the house were “popping up” in LaPlace, Louisiana, when Hurricane Isaac came through. Pastor’s wife said, “Somebody’s stealing your boat!” He ran outside in time to see the neighbor guiding the boat onto the street. Pastor ran outside in time to see a man guiding his boat onto…

Relief Team, Outreach

Hurricane Isaac Update!

The Kenneth Copeland Ministries Disaster Relief Team has been in Louisiana and Mississippi, checking on KCM Partners in response to Hurricane Isaac. Watch the stories and testimonies of survival and recovery, and see what God is doing. You are a part of every life reached. 

Lifting Up the Standard Against Disaster

Hurricane Isaac touched the Louisiana coast seven years to the day of the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina. KCM and the Disaster Relief team immediately showed up on the scene to bring love, hope and help. They raised the standard against disaster that declared the love of God to His people! The loving contributions of our…

Relief Team, Outreach

Nobody Is Ever Really Prepared

Rocky is a lifelong resident of Louisiana. Like his fellow Louisianians, he has been through hurricanes in the past. He has seen waters rise and fall many times over the years. Recovery takes time and hurricanes are part of Louisiana coastal life. Then came the devastating results of Katrina, Rita and Gustav (among others). Each…

Relief Team, Outreach

Hope and Faith Rebuild a Community

The people of Henryville, Ind., Safe Harbor Christian Church came together because of God’s mercy and grace and played a major role in rebuilding their community. A catalyst in boosting hope and faith was the help of the KCM Disaster Relief team. They came alongside immediately and then returned months later to distribute food –…

Relief Team, Outreach

Partnership in Action

See below how we most recently ministered to the town of Moscow, Ohio through our Disaster Relief Team. Kenneth Copeland Ministries Partners have joined together providing prayer and support in times of need. The power of Partnership enables us to be proactive, staying one step ahead and ready to respond to needs around the world. For…

Relief Team

First Responders Couldn’t Get In

“First responders couldn’t get in” according to Pastor Winston Lawson. Moscow, Ohio, was almost completely leveled by a tornado in 2012. Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Disaster Relief team quickly arrived searching for KCM Partners and bringing help. Riley Stephenson, minister of evangelism, and the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Disaster Relief team moved into action. Their goal was…

Relief Team, Outreach

Disaster Relief Brings Immediate Help

When devastating fires ravaged the area around Colorado Springs beginning on June 26, 2012, the KCM Disaster Relief team headed out from Fort Worth. Our team worked with First Responders to locate our Partners and give aid where possible. Once again, the Disaster Relief fund was used to bring immediate help to an area unprepared…

Relief Team, Outreach