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Kenneth Copeland Revisits the Big Screen

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This Christmas, watch for the release of the motion picture The Rally, starring Kenneth Copeland, Rick Reyna and T-Bone.

This gritty drama follows several families living in a city riddled with crime and corruption. As the local church works to bring positive change, it is confronted at every turn by those who desire to keep the city and its people in bondage. Only God knows what it will take to unite the city and bring the powers that be to their knees!

One Event…One Church…One God…The Rally.

Directed by Rick Reyna, The Rally represents the fulfillment of a promise. After years of working in Hollywood with names like Michael Mann and Al Pacino, Reyna received the call into full-time ministry. That calling came with one stipulation: “Someday the Lord will have us make Him a movie.” The Rally is that movie.

More than merely an entertaining film, The Rally is the opportunity for believers worldwide to be part of bringing 1 million souls into the kingdom of God. Visit for updates and to find out how you can play a vital role in changing lives through this powerful film.

Take a look at The Rally movie trailer or watch it on YouTube.



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