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Kenneth Copeland Ministries' Distribution Center

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“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:19

Helping to supply the needs of God’s people.

That is the heart of Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Distribution Center staff. In all they do, they pray God uses them to help supply the needs of the ministry’s Partners and Friends worldwide. From dawn to dusk, they fulfill orders, print and mail correspondence, duplicate CDs and DVDs, prepare materials for meetings and warehouse all the ministry’s products. It’s all part of their mission to bring the truth of God’s Word to the world…one shipment at a time.

“We believe we are literally supplying the Word through books and media to our Partners and Friends–and that it will supply all their need, according to the power of the Word contained in it,” said the distribution center manager.  “It is an honor to distribute each letter or package.  It is a tangible item that has eternal results.”

In 2008 alone, Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Distribution Center shipped 644,908 product orders and mailed 4,435,780 letters. Working in 19-hour rotation shifts, the 39 distribution center employees work diligently to duplicate and distribute the messages Partners and Friends need to walk in faith and victory.  In fact, most letters and packages are shipped within 24 hours of receiving the requests.

“We pray every day for our Partners, believing that every piece of mail and every product we send has an eternal effect on everyone who comes in contact with it,”  said the distribution center manager.

The Core of the Gospel

Kenneth Copeland Ministries DCIn addition to day-to-day operations, the KCM Distribution Center staff works overtime when they receive notice that an area has been hit by a storm or natural disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado or the recent California wildfires. During those times, plenty of supplies–including encouraging Word-filled books–are gathered to bring relief and God’s compassion to those in the affected areas.

“I love seeing our team and KCM respond with pallet after pallet of books, water, clothing and supplies being readied for emergency distribution by plane or truck,” the distribution center manager said.  “Being ready to respond and help any way necessary is truly the core of the gospel.”

Helping bring truth and deliverance to those in prison is also part of the distribution center’s duties. Last year, 147,630 Bibles and other devotional materials were mailed to inmates around the United States.

“Reaching into prisons with tens of thousands of letters and products, and seeing the many testimonies of lives set free from bondages most people have never even heard of, is truly a blessing.”

The duties the distribution center staff performs each day are vital to Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ worldwide ministry. Because of their hard work, the Word flows efficiently and consistently and lives are forever changed.

“It takes a special heart to do this every day, and the team members here do it wholeheartedly,” says Anderson. “When we get more orders than we think we can ship in a day, we get excited! Sending the Word to people all over the world is exciting because it is the burden-removing power of God in action. This is truly full-time ministry.”

The Door Is Always Open

The distribution center’s staff considers it an honor to meet the Partners and Friends who make their work possible, and they love giving tours of their facility.

“What we do every day is made possible by the unwavering diligence and faithfulness of our Partners,” the distribution center manager said. “We are so grateful they support us with their prayers! It makes a difference in the lives of millions. We pray as a team every day for them and welcome their visits.”

Kenneth Copeland Ministries Distribution PhotoSo the next time you’re in Fort Worth, Texas, drop by Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ headquarters for a tour, and make sure it includes a visit to our distribution center. It’s a great opportunity to see your faith in action through a place that is touching lives around the world, and bringing believers from the milk of the Word to the meat.

And be sure to say a special prayer for these ministers who put their faith into action each and every day. The KCM Distribution Center–We’re here for you!

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