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KCM Disaster Relief Team is on the move!

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The pastor at Faith Bible church  in Tupelo, Miss., arrived home one evening to discover they were about to be in the middle of a tornado. The only thing they had time to do was pray before the storm hit. Watch how they’re thanking God for their protection.

Late last month, several states were hit with destructive storms. In response, KCM began calling Partners in the affected areas to see how they were impacted. We learned that some had experienced loss due to the storms. Kenneth Copeland gave orders to the team, saying,  “Go, help my Partners.”  So, the Disaster Relief Team set out to first Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida and Alabama.

Last wandaweek, the KCM Disaster Relief Team continued its efforts to find and help partners affected by the recent storms in Pensacola, Fla. and they met Wanda. Wanda’s garage was flooded and had black mold now growing in her home. Wanda and her husband told the Lord that morning, “We don’t have insurance; we can’t afford the repairs, and we don’t know what to do!” As our team handed Wanda the money needed for the repairs, she broke down crying. “No, please give this money to someone who needs it more than me!” It was our joy to respond… “No, Wanda, the Lord had us bring this money for you. You’ve helped us help others at other times, and this is your time for the partners out there to help you back.”


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Also in Pensacola, they met Lavern. LaVerne’s roof and front porch received significant damage from flooding. Due to the unsafe condition of her home, LaVerne sent her 11 year-old daughter to stay with a family member. “I had no idea how I was going to be able fix my roof. Thank you so much for enabling me to bring my daughter safely back home!”



10295344_750248998359841_5711837092671351276_oThe team met Donna, a KCM Partner, in Conway, Arkansas. She shared an amazing testimony of protection. Donna was at church before the tornado hit Arkansas.  Despite news of the approaching storm, Donna went home, made lunch and took a nap as usual. She was awakened by her daughter’s frantic call demanding that she come next door to the storm shelter. The  second Donna stepped into the storm shelter, the tornado hit both her and her daughter’s homes. After the storm had passed Donna and her daughter emerged to see what was damaged. Over 100 trees on  Donna’s property had been destroyed. The debris was so massive that for an entire day she couldn’t see her home, or make it through the trees to even see if she still had a home. When she was finally able to  make it through, she discovered her home was still standing! Donna said, “If you put your trust in Him, there is nothing He won’t get you through. It doesn’t matter what I lost, God will take care of me, and restore everything better than before.” Now that’s faith!


Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.09.23 AM When the team traveled to Quapaw, Oklahoma, they found David and his wife. As the center of the tornado touched down in their backyard, all David had time to do was say, “Peace, be still!” His wife saw the roof begin to lift off the house and    instantly, “the angels just set it back down” and the storm stopped. Every house surrounding theirs was completely destroyed, except for their home.



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Also in Quapaw, they met Carlene, an 81-year-old woman with a powerful testimony. As the tornado hit Carlene’s home, the wind threw the sofa on top of her. The brick walls of the home collapsed onto the  sofa,  which kept Carlene from being crushed. When the storm passed, her home and neighborhood were completely destroyed. Carlene said she was not afraid because she knew, “God was bigger than any    storm.”



Please continue to keep those affected by these storms  in your prayers.

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