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Everything You Need to Know to Possess Your Promised Land in 2020

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When you think about the Israelites and their journey to Canaan, you likely think about one thing: the wandering—the drawn-out, ridiculously long wandering.

It was waiting for them all along: the land flowing with milk and honey, the protection, THE BLESSING. And yet, they wandered.

What about you? What is your promised land? 

It might be a ministry, a church, a business, a family, freedom from lack or an addiction, or something else. No matter what it is, THE BLESSING always includes health and healing, prosperity, joy, peace and success. The good life!

Maybe you can see it in your heart, but taking possession of your promised land has eluded you year after year. And like the Israelites, you feel like you’re wandering. And wandering.

There’s good news for you today! The word of the Lord for 2020 through Kenneth Copeland tells us we can expect a year of new visions, manifest power and great change. What better way to see great change in your life than by possessing your own promised land THIS YEAR!

Are you ready to stop circling around your victory? Here’s everything you need to know to possess your promised land in 2020.

1. Think. Speak. Act.

This is a bit of a three-in-one. But they’re very closely related.

That’s because…

Your thinking—or believing—matters. And from it comes the way you speak and act. 

Think of the Israelites. All they had to do to possess the Promised Land was THINK faith-filled thoughts about what God said, SPEAK faith-filled words that lined up with that faith, and then ACT on their faith by going up at once to possess it. 

But instead, fear came in and dominated their thoughts, words and actions. And it cost them. 

If you’ve been wandering without gaining entry into your promised land—without seeing great change—ask yourself what you’ve been thinking, saying and doing. When it looks like your promised land is nowhere to be found—Think. Speak. Act. Think like it’s already yours. Speak like it’s already yours. Act like it’s already yours. Because it is! God’s already given it to you. (Need help getting there? Try A Prayer to Possess Your Promised Land)

2. Make a choice to love. 

If your believing, speaking and acting are in line, but you’ve been wandering for quite a while, the way you love is the next place to stop. Love is key to seeing great change in any and every area of your life.

You may think you’re good at walking in love, but your promised land will tell you otherwise. You need to make a choice to love—and not based on feelings. 

What does this mean? It means:

  • You can’t tell your husband everything you’d like to.
  • You can’t just speak your mind to your wife without considering your words.
  • You can’t gossip about others—not even a little.
  • You can’t disrespect police, politicians, your boss, your kids’ teachers.
  • You can’t hold grudges against inconsiderate neighbors.
  • You cannot hold yourself in higher esteem than those around you.
  • You must FORGIVE. For real. No matter what. 

If you want a GPS shortcut to your promised land, that avoids the traffic and construction, pay attention to the way you love. And remember, real love doesn’t rely on feelings. It is a CHOICE.

And when you’ve covered love…

3. Obey in all things.

If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic—as in, you could ride your bike home faster than your car is moving—you’ve had a taste of what your journey will be like to your promised land if you aren’t careful to obey. You must obey in all things—not just in most things.

If Moses were here, he would tell you a thing or two about disobedience (even in something small) and how it can lead to the elimination of the possibility of ever seeing your promised land.

Think about it. He wrote the first five books of the Bible. He experienced great signs and wonders.

And, he never made it to the Promised Land.



Gloria Copeland is quick to point out, “Obedience determines your outcome.” And, by the way, there is no small area of disobedience. It is possible to miss God’s plan for your life by not paying attention to or obeying what He tells you to do—even when you think it’s too small to matter.

Watch Gloria Copeland and Pastor George Pearsons teach you how to live in a land that overflows with blessings.

4. Get rid of a grasshopper syndrome.

As much as disobedience can keep you wandering, a grasshopper syndrome is a sure way to keep you wandering around your promised land instead of taking possession.

The Israelites had a grasshopper syndrome. They said, “The people are stronger than we are. They’re huge. We look like grasshoppers compared to them” (Numbers 13:31-32, paraphrase).

Your grasshopper syndrome could sound something like this:

  • “But I don’t have a college degree.”
  • “I’m too old for that now.”
  • “No one will give me a chance.”
  • “I’ll never be able to pay off that debt.”
  • “I’ve already waited so long.”

As long as you’re making excuses and speaking a bad report, you won’t possess your promised land and see great change in 2020. Instead, be like Caleb (one of the only two originals who actually got into the Promised Land). Make your speech be of a good report—no matter how you feel or what it looks like. 

Say, “I’m going for it. I am well able to overcome any obstacles. The promised land is mine!”

5. Fight off complaining with everything in you.

If you accomplish No. 4, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this key to success. That’s important because murmuring and complaining will delay the possession of your promised land indefinitely.

Complaining puts you in a powerless position. It says everyone else is in the driver’s seat of your life but you. It stirs up an ungrateful heart, and if you’re a believer in Christ, you have a whole list of things for which to be thankful.

It was God’s will for the Israelites to conquer, possess and enjoy the bounty of their Promised Land. But most of them didn’t get there because of COMPLAINING. Think about what you might be grumbling about:

  • How you slept last night.
  • The weather.
  • The traffic.
  • The government.
  • Your boss, your company, your co-workers.

Maybe you’ve even complained about God. “Why did those people get blessed, while I’m still waiting?” Or maybe, “I’ve been tithing, but I don’t see any blessings.”

Every time you complain, you go around in a circle and keep yourself from the great change you so desire. If you want to get off the 40-year plan and possess your promised land—fight complaining with everything in you.

6. Dip your toe in the water.

On the way to your promised land, God is going to ask you to do something. This may be where you are right now. You’ve worked on the first five steps, and now…here you sit…right at the water’s edge.

But to cross the Jordan, the Israelites had to make the first move (Joshua 3:8) before the waters parted for them. What move do you need to make? What step of faith will open the waters of the Jordan for you?

Stop procrastinating and step out of your comfort zone. Maybe you need to….

  • Start the chapter.
  • Make the call.
  • Submit the resumé.
  • Create the website.
  • Do that one thing you haven’t done yet (You know the one!).
  • Take that bold step.

Don’t get stuck waiting in the camp. Dip your toe in the water, and keep moving forward!

7. Believe. Wait. Repeat.

Once you’ve conquered everything we’ve talked about so far, the next step is simple: Believe. Wait. Repeat. Of the importance of waiting in faith, Gloria Copeland says, “We find out that a whole nation lost their salvation of the Promised Land because they listened to an evil report of unbelief, and in the same area of Scripture, it talks about an evil heart of unbelief. We don’t want that kind of heart.” 

When you’re going up to possess your promised land, you’ve got to BELIEVE you’re going to see it. Begin to see yourself possessing it. See yourself living it. Close your eyes and spend time picturing yourself walking in that land. Declare it over yourself. 

(Need help keeping the vision in front of you? Find out How to Create a Personal Vision Board for 2020 HERE.)

Then wait.

Wait in faith. And when you’re done waiting. Repeat.

Joshua and Caleb hung on to their belief for 40 years. They waited, and then they did this…

8. Prepare to fight.

It’s been a lot of work up to this point. But we can’t overlook God’s repeated instructions to Joshua, as he moved forward to possess the Promised Land.

“Be strong and courageous.” 

If you’ve had this idea that you’ll just stroll into your promised land in flip-flops, holding an ice cream cone, you’re in for a rude awakening. The promises are for you. They belong to you, and yet, they’re not automatic. The Promised Land already belonged to the Israelites. God said, “I’ve given it to you.” But He also told them to go armed and take it. The taking-it part was going to involve a battle—but they were guaranteed the victory!

What does that mean for you?

  • Circumstances are going to battle you.
  • Your thoughts are going to fight against you.
  • Impossibility is going to stare you in the face—taunting you.

And you need to fight back. With your words, your giving and any act of faith you can put into motion.

Faith is spiritual courage backed by God. It is the capacity to meet danger and not give way to fear. When the opposition comes against you entering your promised land—and it will come—your job is to fight. You can do it. Be strong and courageous!

Now that you have everything you need to know to possess your promised land in 2020, it’s time to get moving and see a great change in your life. Your wandering days are over. What are you waiting for? Go at once and possess it!

Watch Bill Winston teach you why your future is inside you.

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