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Building a Home for Alfred – Part 1

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Over the past year, Texas has been riddled with one storm system after another. From wind, rain, hail, floods and even tornadoes, residents in the affected areas have experienced substantial devastation. In response to storms in San Antonio, our KCM Disaster Relief Team visited KCM Partner Alfred Charles Sr. to see how they could help with home repairs.

Alfred, an 83-year-old evangelist, has been a Partner with us for more than 30 years. Once the team arrived at his home, it was immediately evident that this visit would be different from the others. A large hole had been knocked in the roof and flooring, allowing such significant water damage that Alfred’s home looked completely unlivable.

Our team provided an immediate financial blessing for Alfred, but the Holy Spirit moved on our outreach manager, Steve, to do more. Once he returned to KCM headquarters, he began the process of approval to have a brand-new home built for Alfred.

In this video, see how our team is building Alfred a new home!

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