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A Historic Moment: Reaching a Nation Behind Bars

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“…And the greatest revival of all shall be in the prisons of the land. Great ministers of the gospel shall come out of prisons all over this nation. All over this world.” — Prophecy given by Kenneth Copeland at December 25, 1994

The mission of Kenneth Copeland Ministries is to preach the gospel from the top of the world to the bottom and all the way around. Through every available voice, whether in person or by print or electronic media, KCM is taking the good news of Jesus the Anointed One and His Anointing to every nation. And that includes one of the largest segments of American society — the prison population.

KCM’s prison outreach began in 1981 by corresponding with inmates on a personal basis and supporting various aspects of criminal justice ministry. One way Kenneth and Gloria Copeland establish more personal contact with prisoners is through correspondence and books. Although they cannot read every letter personally, they have a prison ministry staff to ensure every letter, order or prayer request is read and responded to promptly. The goal is a quick personal response — something that can be especially important to inmates.

Over the years KCM has made much effort to minister life and peace through the power of the anointing to those behind bars: things like donating $250,000 to construct a 500-seat chapel for inmates in Gatesville, Texas; supplying books and other resources for inmates and chaplains; and visiting inmates to share the Word and give encouragement. One of the most dynamic aspects of KCM’s outreach has been through its association with Mike Barber Ministries, an outreach dedicated solely to prison ministry.

In 1995, Barber became the catalyst enabling KCM to broadcast the Eagle Mountain Motorcycle Rally live via satellite to prisons in Texas and 15 other states. In Texas alone, 87 of the 104 state prisons received the satellite broadcast. To more than 150,000 men and women who had access to the broadcast, Brother Copeland’s message was clear and strong — God is for you, not against you!

“Our ministry to prisons is just an extension of Kenneth Copeland Ministries because we are partners together in the work,” Barber says.

The prison ministry at KCM, which geared up for thousands when contacts from prisoners could be numbered in the hundreds, is now preparing for ministry to tens of thousands. The importance of that preparation continues to be confirmed by the Word of the Lord to His people.

Check out Gordon Frye’s testimony about how KCM ministered to him while he was in prison.

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