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4 Ways to Focus on the Birth of Jesus Today

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There’s a story of a young mother who wanted to make her son’s fifth birthday extra special. So, she set out to host the most spectacular party she could imagine. She spent weeks crafting invitations, shopping for supplies, and planning the menu and activities. When the big day arrived, she sent her son off to his room to play, so she could decorate and prepare for the party.


It was a grand affair! The guests arrived and mingled, as they enjoyed carefully prepared appetizers. Everyone oohed and aahed over the beautiful decorations in the theme of race cars, the little boy’s favorite. And folks even enjoyed the wide array of activities that had been so lovingly thought out for their enjoyment. Finally, it was time to cut the cake, when all of a sudden, the mother stopped and realized she hadn’t seen her little boy this entire time!


She went into the house calling and calling. Finally, she found him playing on the floor in his room. “Why aren’t you out at your party?” she asked.


“You never told me it was time to come out. I’ve been in here the whole time,” he answered.


This young mother had been so wrapped up in making her little boy’s birthday a wonderful time, she forgot all about the reason for the celebration! While her heart was fully on him, the distractions of preparing had robbed both her and her son of the day it truly could have been.


Is that how Christmas has been for you this year? Have you been so wrapped up in the planning and preparing that the focus of the party—Jesus—has been left off to the side? It’s easy to fall into the trap of crossing off a long list of to-dos: family Christmas photos, greeting cards, shopping for gifts, decorating, family visits, etc.


If you find yourself in that place today—on Christmas Day—there’s still time! Here are four ways you can put the focus back where it belongs—the birth of Jesus!


  1. Take Christmas Day Communion. Gather the family near the fire or the Christmas tree and serve Communion. Take time to thank God for the gift of His Son, Jesus—His birth, His death and His resurrection. Thank Him for everything He has done in your life, and commemorate this special day in a moment of reverence.
  2. Watch a faith-based Christmas movie. Include a film like The Nativity Story in your move lineup today. Take the time to ponder what really happened that day and treasure it in your heart.
  3. Make a gratitude list. As you sit with family and friends to enjoy a special holiday meal, ask each person to share what great things God has done for them this year. Make a list of all the answers for the entire group to view throughout the day.
  4. Have a Christmas worship service. You can gather with others (or do so on your own!) and sing a selection of Christmas worship songs to the glory of God. Let the presence of the Lord descend on your time of celebration. Worship, praise, give glory and honor to the One to whom it is due this special day.


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When you use these four ways to focus on the birth of Jesus this Christmas, you’ll feel like you invited the Guest of Honor to join you at the party! Enjoy this special day today. Find a reason to be glad. Have a very Merry Christmas!


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