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2018 First Quarter Evangelism Update

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This year has started off on FIRE!  Brother Copeland’s prophetic word from the Lord about 2018 being the year of the Holy Ghost and Fire is already coming to pass! Our KCM Minister of Evangelism Riley Stephenson has been teaching, training, equipping, and mobilizing our Partners!


Our 2018 Partner Church Outreach began in January with Propel Ministries in Bourbon, IN. Riley ministered to 175 men encouraging them to be bold and take their place as a believer to reach out and be the hands of Jesus!  After the word was ministered many were healed!


In February, Riley held a three day training with Father’s House Church in Spring Valley, CA with Pastors James & Vilma Everette. The Lord spoke to Pastor Vilma to look for a lady in a green sweater in Wal-mart.  Immediately when they arrived at Walmart pastor Vilma had a word of knowledge that the lady was “anxious” She asked If she could pray with her. The lady said thank you after the prayer because she was anxious about starting school on Monday. The weekend finished up training 75 of our partners leading 35 people in a prayer to receive Jesus with 15 people healed on the streets of Spring Valley, CA!

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