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2010 – The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

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I call heaven and earth to record against you and me that God has placed before us life and death and blessing and cursing.  Choose life.  Choose faith.  Have faith in God.

“Well, what are we going to do in 2010?”

We’re going to have faith in God.

“Well, what if it’s a bad year?”

We’re going to have faith in God.

“What if it’s a good year?”

We’re going to have faith in God.  2010 will be the best of times and the worst of times.  It depends on whose side you’re on.  Turn with me to Jeremiah 17.  Now follow the scripture (tonight) very carefully and very closely.  Listen.  Set yourself right now to be undisturbed by any movement or anything and listen carefully to the Word.  If you will purposely focus then God will draw you in.  And he that hath ears to hear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.  Hallelujah.  Jeremiah 17.  “Thus saith the Lord, Cursed be the man that trusts in man, and makes flesh his arm”, or he looks to natural man and natural resources to meet his needs and solve his problems.  “…whose heart departs from the Lord.”

So this is not written to the world.  This is written to believers.  Amen?  “He shall be like the heath in the desert.”  H-e-a-t-h.  That’s only two or three letters away from “heathen” and they both represent the same thing.  The heath in the desert is a little stunted scrubby shrub growing in a salt flat.  You put water on it and it still won’t work because the soil is so bad and so salty that if you put water there it just turns to salt water.  You water it and the thing dies.  This is the person that has a covenant with God but instead of living by faith on that covenant looking to man, his governments, his ways of doing things, every government outside of God is socialism in one form or the other and it began at the Tower of Babel where they said “We will make a name for ourselves and we will not use stone to build.”

Well, what’s wrong with that?  Some of you are looking at me like, “What?”  “We will make brick and mortar.  We will hold it together.”  The problem with that and that’s the first record of socialism under the rule of Nimrod right there because no two stones are alike.  Every stone is an individual; yet you put them altogether and they build a house.  The Body of Christ and the members of the Body of Christ are not referred to as bricks in the house of God.  We are living stones.  There are no two of us alike; yet through the power of God we’re all just alike.  All alike and all different all at the same time.  Now that’s God.  But what is a brick?  Every one of them is just alike and just one right after another after another after another, held together by some manmade slime instead of compacted together by the power of God.  Amen.

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