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The Quickest Way to Become a Faith Giant Who Wins Every Time

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You don’t have to spend a lifetime studying faith before you can see results. Learn the quickest way to become a faith giant who wins every time.


Do you feel like you’re going around and around the same mountain? Maybe it seems like you’re standing in faith and believing for financial breakthrough, healing or a miracle in your marriage, only to find yourself back in the same place again. Faith is a lifelong pursuit, but miracles and victories are for every day. The quickest way to get what you want is to make an intense shift in your thinking over a short time.

Here’s proof.

In World War II, the United States had a shortage of translators. We were in desperate need of people who were fluent in German and Japanese—and we needed them fast!

So the War Department created a six-week-long total immersion program. During those six weeks, participants were not permitted to speak English at all. They spoke and listened to only the language they wanted to speak. By the end of the program, they were fluent!

See the connection? If you want to be fluent in the language of faith, you’ve got to do the same thing. Keep everything that isn’t faith out, and immerse yourself in a faith-filled atmosphere until it changes the way you think and speak.

Here are just a few of the differences you’ll see in your life:

  • You’ll find you won’t speak doubt as often (if at all!).
  • You’ll start believing for bigger and better in every area of your life.
  • You won’t tolerate sickness, debt or strife like you used to—not even a little!
  • You’ll have the endurance to go after dreams you’ve kept tucked away, and you won’t quit until you have them in your possession.

Are you interested in the quickest way to become a faith giant who wins every time? Here’s the answer: Total Immersion. It’s an all-intensive move into the Word of God without the influence of the status quo. It’s demanding. It requires sacrifice. And it will completely change your life. Here’s how you start.

1. Carve Out Some Time

“Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.” –Matthew 6:33 (ESV)

Total immersion requires an investment of time. In a total immersion language program, the participants set aside four to six weeks to do nothing but attend the language school. They take time off work; they cancel other plans. This is the only thing they’re doing.

If you really want to get serious about this—to see results—you’ll need to carve out some time. Our suggestion is 30 days. You don’t necessarily need to take time off work (although that would be great), but you’ll need to adjust your schedule to make your focus the Word of God.

For example, if you usually go to lunch with friends during the workday, spend that time, instead, listening to or reading the Word of God. Carve out as much time as possible, and spend as many hours each day as possible in total immersion.

2. Watch Out for Poison

“I will set no worthless thing before my eyes.” –Psalm 101:3 (NASB)

Once you have your time carved out, the next thing you’ll do to become a faith giant is to take an inventory of what you consume in a day. What does this have to do with total immersion?

Imagine attending a pizza party where a large, cheesy pizza with all your favorite toppings is being prepared. It probably makes your mouth water just thinking about it! Your host sets the pizza before you, and you reach out to grab the biggest, cheesiest slice. As the cheese strings and the steam pipes up from the perfect bite, your host shares a bit more about the ingredients. “There’s just a little bit of rat poison in that pizza,” he says. “You probably won’t taste it, and it’s not enough to kill you. So, don’t worry about it. It’s just a little!”

What would you do?

Hopefully, you’d pass! Now, think about other areas of your life? Do you watch out for poison and avoid it like you would that pizza?

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Guard your heart.” Yet a lot of Christians view worldly influences just like the host of the pizza party. Just a little cussing on your favorite album. Just a little sexual content and violence in the movies you watch. Just a little fear, doubt and irreverence coming from your friends. It won’t hurt, will it? It’s just a little, and besides, I don’t do those things, you reason.

Just like you would toss away that ooey, gooey piece of pizza that looks and smells so good, that’s the way you’ve got to be with anything that can put “just a little” poison in your mind and spirit. The devil doesn’t need a big opening in your life. It’s the small foxes that spoil the vine, so all he needs is “just a little” area of compromise to get his ugly foot in the door.

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Remember the language immersion program we talked about? They weren’t allowed to speak English—at all. If you want to experience the quickest way to become a faith giant and someone who wins every time, you’ve got to get rid of the things that speak against the Word of God in your life, especially during your initial time of total immersion.

Here’s what to remove altogether during the 30 days:

  • Movies
  • Secular television (sitcoms, news programs, etc.)
  • Music (other than worship)
  • Magazines and books (non-Christian)
  • Social gatherings with those who don’t speak the language of faith
  • Any other area of your life that may be sending you messages opposite of the Word of God.

Once the 30 days are over, consider evaluating which of these should come back at all. Anything that causes you to weaken in your faith isn’t worth its limited entertainment value.

3. Fill Up to Overflowing on the Word of God

“Faith comes by hearing…the Word of God.” –Romans 10:17 (MEV)

As you continue on your way to becoming a faith giant, your total immersion journey includes filling up to overflowing on the Word of God.

Before Kenneth Copeland became the powerhouse of faith he is today, he was hungry for truth and knew he wanted to have the kind of faith that got the same results as Oral Roberts.

Of that desire, Kenneth says, “I was traveling with Brother Roberts. I was ministering along with him and watching him use his faith. And I was astonished at the way he used his faith on purpose. He used his faith the way a mechanic uses a tool. And it caught my attention.”

That, in combination with his exposure to another faith giant, Kenneth E. Hagin, made Kenneth realize he needed to go into total immersion the same way people learn a foreign language if he wanted to reach that level of faith.

He didn’t have money to purchase ministry materials at the time, so he offered the title of his car as collateral until the money was there to pay for the tapes he secured from Kenneth Hagin’s ministry. He came home with an armload of tapes, set up his tape player and a chair in the garage, and shared his plans with Gloria.

He told her, “The minute I come home from school (Oral Roberts University), I’ll be in the garage. And if I’m not at the table when you and the kids get ready to eat, just forget me. I have to get this.”

He listened to the faith teaching tapes when he woke up. He listened to the Word when he got home from school. He listened when he went to bed and kept a tape playing all night. If he woke up in the middle of the night and heard the tape had ended, he’d get up, rewind it and start playing it again. He took the player in the bathroom to listen while he was shaving. He fed on the Word of God continually.

Total immersion.

Kenneth made a decision. If Kenneth E. Hagin mentioned the book of Romans, then he’d read the whole book of Romans. Any book Brother Hagin mentioned—Kenneth read the entire book.

What happened?

Kenneth says, “My faith skyrocketed.” Suddenly, things started happening. Gifts of the Spirit were manifesting. Miracles were taking place in every area of his and Gloria’s lives.

His prayers yielded results so much that his professors at ORU were coming and asking him to pray for them.

It was all a result of total immersion in the Word of God and filling up to overflowing.

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You can do the same thing and get the same results as Kenneth Copeland. Set a goal for 30 days and treat your time the same way you would a total immersion foreign language program, by only listening to and speaking the language you want to learn. That language is faith!

Watch Gloria Copeland and George Pearsons teach you how total immersion will help you become debt free!

Here are some goals you can set for your 30-day period.

  • Download teachings from those who teach the full gospel. Listen to them as you work around the house or yard, as you cook, as you get ready in the morning, and as you drive. Leave them running quietly while you sleep. Keep the Word going in you nonstop!
  • Keep VICTORY™ running all day long in your home.
  • Set a Bible-reading goal for each day. Make it a high goal! Gloria Copeland once challenged herself to read all four Gospels and the book of Acts three times in 30 days. That would be a great place to start.
  • Purchase some faith books and devotionals to read whenever you have some downtime.

This is what total immersion looks like. And it’s the quickest way to become a faith giant who wins every battle, every time.

4. Find Your Faith Voice

“People will give account for every careless word they speak.” –Matthew 12:36 (ESV)

You’ve carved out the time, ejected the negative and imported the positive. In the meantime, for total immersion, focus on finding your faith voice. You learn a language by practicing out loud. When you first start speaking another language, you don’t necessarily feel confident in what you’re saying, and you may fumble around a bit. You’ll even have to stop and think or check the translation book before speaking.

The same is true while you’re finding your faith voice.

In a total immersion language school, you would not be allowed to speak English. Zero. All day long. You would only speak the language you were learning. So as you are in total immersion for learning the language of faith, you will only speak faith—no doubt, fear, negativity or anything else outside of the confines of faith is allowed. Ever.

Within four to six weeks, people find themselves fluent in the language they’re learning. If you can do it with a foreign language, you can do it with the language of faith. If you don’t know what to speak—say nothing until you can get to the Word of God and find out what you should be saying.

Talk faith all week long, all 30 days long. Talk prosperity, healing, deliverance, joy and peace. In doing so, you’ll find that total immersion will draw you very quickly out of your intellect and over into your spirit. When the 30 days are over, you’ll respond quickly and more powerfully than you ever have to in any and every situation—no matter how severe. You’ll be a faith giant who wins victory every time!

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You’ll reach out and take the promises of God as easily as you’d pick an apple from a tree. You won’t hesitate to take God at His Word and stand as long as it takes to see a manifestation.

The best part about refusing to give up is that it expedites your miracle. Kenneth Copeland says, “When you’re ready to stand in faith forever, you won’t be there very long.” Hallelujah!

After 30 days of keeping the bad out, the good in, and speaking only faith, you’ll experience such a change, you’ll wish you would’ve known how quick and easy it is to become a faith giant who wins every battle years ago. And that miracle you’ve been believing for? Start taking steps to prepare for its arrival. It’s coming. Total immersion means Jesus is abiding in You and you in Him. And, according to John 15:7, that means your answer is a certainty.

Watch Gloria Copeland and George Pearsons discuss the power of total immersion.

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