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The Praise Cure

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A missionary in China named Rosa Smith contracted smallpox.

She faced dire natural circumstances: No vaccine. No cure. No hope of survival.

She didn’t beg God. She didn’t pray and hope He would do something. She didn’t start a prayer chain.

In faith, she asked Him what she should do.

This is what He told her…

Praise Me. Praise Me for My faithfulness to My Word. 

Then, He showed her a vision of an empty basket labeled “Praise.” He told her when she had filled it to the top, she would receive her healing.

So—even as ill as she was—she began singing, shouting and praising the Lord. The doctors thought she was delirious and told her to be quiet, but she kept on praising. When they told her if she recovered, she would be disfigured for life, she praised louder than ever. 

She shouted and sang and praised until the Lord showed her the praise basket was full and overflowing. Then, she fell asleep. When she woke up, all her symptoms had vanished, leaving no trace, not even a single scar.

The world didn’t have an answer to her trouble. But God did.

Praise was the cure.

Are you facing an impossible situation today? Have the effects of COVID-19 brought on fear or financial trouble that needs a spiritual remedy?

Praise is the cure.

You can fill your praise basket to overflowing, forcing the troubles in your life to vanish and leave no trace of ever being there if you’ll do one thing….use the praise cure.

Here’s how you start.

1. Praise God for His Faithfulness to His Word 

If things are low right now—your health, finances, relationships—it can be tough to switch over to gratitude and praise. But you must if you want to break through to the other side.

Mark Hankins says, “The praise cure works every time and not just in one area—it will work in every area of your life. It is available at every moment to every one of us.”

Think about First Peter 1:8, which says, “…you believe and you rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory” (MEV).

When you believe—you rejoice. The missionary who recovered says it’s simple to use the praise cure: “Just believe what God says Jesus has done for you—body, soul and spirit. Think about it, talk about it, sing about it, shout about it, and the praise cure has begun.”

Praise God for His faithfulness to His Word. His Word never fails. It never returns void. And He ALWAYS keeps His promises. Praise Him for it!

Being now: “Thank You, God, thank You. Thank You for Your faithfulness to Your Word. Glory to God! Thank You, Lord, for Your goodness and Your mercy. I praise You, Lord! Glory to You, God!” Sing it, shout it—praise Him!

2. Keep Praising Until You Break Through

Some people want to throw up one or two “Hallelujahs” and call it a day, but that’s not how praise will cure your trouble. The missionary who was healed praised until her breakthrough came.

Something happens when you move over into a spirit of praise that keeps going until you break through. There’s power in praise—that’s why Psalm 22:3 says He inhabits the praises of His people.

Some people want to praise quietly to themselves. That won’t work! 

You cannot sit there with your mouth shut and expect the praise cure to work for you. There is no silent praise. You’ve got to open your mouth!

Be loud. Be bold. Give confident thanks to God. You can’t afford to be silent. (Need help getting started? Use our list of 36 Reasons to Praise the Lord HERE.)

Remember…Paul and Silas were praising out loud. Their backs were bleeding; they were in pain; their hands and feet were bound. It looked like the devil had won a victory. But he made one mistake…and you can imagine Paul saying to the devil, “You’ve got my hands and feet bound, but you should’ve taped my mouth shut—because as long as I can move my mouth, I can move a mountain. As long as I can move my mouth, I have authority.”

And their praises went through that prison and up to heaven. Then the power of God came down on that sound and set them—and everyone around them—FREE.

If you’ll dare to lift your voice in praise, not only will it set you free, it will set those around you free, too.

Keep praising. Keep praising. Keep praising. Fill up that basket! 

Watch Mark Hankins teach about filling your praise basket at Eagle Mountain International Church.

3. Laugh at the Devil

As you’re praising, the devil is going to show up.


He’s going to tell you all about why you’re not going to get what you need from God. He’s going to try to get you to shut your mouth.     

So you need to be prepared. What are you going to do? Laugh at the devil.

You’re not mocking him—you’re laughing at the idea that you don’t already have what God has promised you. You’re laughing in the face of fear and doubt. You’re refusing to take his empty threats seriously.

When Kenneth Hagin was healed of a terminal heart condition, that’s just what he had to do. After he was healed, the symptoms tried to come back. He knew he was healed, so he decided to laugh at the devil’s attempts to get him to retreat from his stand.

He had to force himself to laugh because he didn’t feel like it. So he just laid there in the bed and said, “Ha.” Then he said, “Ha-ha.” The devil said, “This time you’re not going to get your healing.” Brother Hagin said, “That’s why I’m laughing. I don’t have to get it. Jesus got it for me 2,000 years ago.”

The devil came back again and said the same thing. And Brother Hagin just kept on laughing and saying, “It’s mine. I have it now.”

This went on for 45 minutes until he fell asleep. When he woke up, every symptom was gone and never came back. Praise keeps the victory!

You see, that’s just it. You’re never fighting for victory, you’re fighting from a position of victory. 

Whatever is going on in your life—just laugh at the devil. Ha-ha-ha! Then say, “Devil, that’s not going to work in my life. I’m going to rejoice in God’s goodness, rejoice in His mercy, and rejoice that I have every promise through Christ Jesus. So I’m going to go ahead and laugh and rejoice.”

You know, C.S. Lewis said, “Joy is the serious business of heaven.” 

It’s time to use a tool that is so easy, so available and completely free to take victory over finances, health, relationships or anything else you need.

Use the praise cure. Praise until your basket is filled up and tilts the situation in your favor. While you’re singing and shouting and praising—God is taking care of your situation. It is so much more fun to praise God than to sit and worry. Praise Him! He is worthy.

Watch Kenneth and Gloria Copeland teach you why praising is the final step before receiving.

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