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Thank you for attending the 2024 Ministers’ Conference!

These five gifts below are our gift to you!

1. Choose Life — Choose Words Digital Audio Series by Kenneth Copeland

Every day we need to remind ourselves that our voices—the words we say—determine the condition of our lives. Choose Life—Choose Words will help you boldly sustain your declarations of faith, love and hope over your own life and keep you on target to completing the glorious plan God has for you!

2. The Plan That Never Fails by Kenneth Copeland

How can you make your plans succeed? Kenneth Copeland shows you how, by aligning your thinking and your actions with The Word, you will be able to deal wisely in all the affairs of life. You’ll succeed. And no matter what’s going on in the world’s system, you can prosper because you’re operating according to the wisdom of God.

3. One Word From God Can Change Your Nation

In this inspiring book, internationally known and respected Bible teachers will take you through God’s Word to give you the insight you need to pray effectively for your government leaders and your nation. Learn why God wants to change your nation and how your prayers make it possible.

4. Walking in the Realm of the Miraculous by Kenneth Copeland

God is calling us to a deeper walk—a higher place—in Him. But to get there, it takes more than just real commitment and real devotion. It takes real love. In this book, you’ll discover what it means to “walk in love” (even in difficult situations), powerful scriptures about love that will help you develop your love walk and overcome the enemy, and more!

5. Rumors of War by Kenneth Copeland

If there were ever a generation of people who needed to know how to enter God’s protection and stay there, it’s this generation. Discover what the Word of God says that we can do in response!