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by Gloria Copeland


One of my favorite Christmas decorations is a beautifully arranged, fresh pine wreath. With accents of pine cones and lights, it adds so much to any room at Christmas. You might have one on your door or over your fireplace, and you likely see them everywhere you go this time of year.

Have you ever wondered what a Christmas wreath symbolizes? Tradition says that the evergreen represents growth and everlasting life. Those made with holly branches have thorns, representing the thorns of Jesus’ crown.

But, what about its circular shape? With no beginning nor end, this symbolizes eternity. There’s something special about that shape, isn’t there? And it’s about more than just Christmas wreaths.

All you have to do is spend a little time examining God’s wonderful creation and you’ll start to see a pattern—God uses circles. He must, because nature is full of them.

Drop a rock in a still pond and you’ll see rings of circles spreading out. The earth spins on its axis, making the sun appear to circle our sky. In fact, the whole universe seems to be spinning and dancing in circles.

The other day as I was reading the Word, I discovered another amazing circle—one that I believe is God’s favorite. It certainly is one of mine: “Where is the man who fears the Lord? God will teach him how to choose the best. He shall live within God’s circle of blessing, and his children shall inherit the earth” (Psalm 25:12-13, TLB).

Most people want to know how to choose the best in life. I know I do. Well, according to this wonderful verse, God Himself will teach us how, if only we will reverence Him and put Him first in our lives.


Learn to Choose the Best

If you go out and about this time of year, you’ll see people examining poinsettia plants, squeezing produce, and comparing gifts in an attempt to choose just the right one. We like to choose the best when it comes to planning for Christmas festivities.

What about choosing the best when it comes to God?

I’ve noticed that for many believers, one of the biggest obstacles to moving into the good things of God is that they simply haven’t learned how to choose the best. I know that was certainly the case when Ken and I were just starting out.

To a large extent, your quality of life today is a product of the choices you made yesterday. And the choices you make today—the words you choose to speak, the thoughts you choose to meditate on, the people you choose to associate with—will determine your quality of life in the future.

The wonderful truth is, when we put God and His Word first, He will do “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us” (Ephesians 3:20, KJV).

God has shown Himself to be the One who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all I can ask or think so many times, I’ve almost stopped being surprised by what He does.

Whatever it may be—God’s plan is the highest and the best. And as we put Him first, He’s faithful to put us on the road to fulfilling that plan by teaching us to “choose the best.”


A Change of Address

If you’ve put God and His Word first in your life, you have a new address! No matter where your house is located, you’re living on Blessing Circle. Furthermore, everywhere you go, that circle follows you. It is around you! It is a zone of increase and protection that surrounds you wherever you go.

You can go to the deepest jungle and that circle of blessing will follow you because it is not based on your external circumstances but rather on the faithfulness of our covenant-keeping God. It ought to be that wherever you go, not only are you blessed, but everyone around you is blessed because of your presence.

I believe this circle of blessing is what the psalmist had in mind when he wrote: “Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield” (Psalm 5:12, NIV).

Do you see it? Can you picture an invisible shield of God’s favor and blessing surrounding you wherever you go?

What does it mean to live in God’s circle of blessing?

When you live in God’s circle of blessing, you prosper in every area of your life—materially, physically, emotionally and, of course, spiritually (Psalm 25:13).

I like the way the King James Version renders it. It says: “His soul shall dwell at ease….”

Would you like to dwell at ease even with a hectic Christmas season schedule and preparing for family visits?

Living in this special place reserved for those who put God first in everything means being able to “dwell at ease.” Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t work hard or face challenges. But it does mean we walk in peace. And it means freedom from having to strive or worry about getting our needs met.


Show and Tell Time

By observing our lives, people in the world ought to see that there is a God and that He is a good God. By looking at our lives, looking at the way we conduct ourselves, and seeing the circle of blessing around us, they should be able to discern the glory of God and desire to know Him like we do.

This Christmas, let those around you see that your circle of blessing is much bigger than the wreath on your front door!


Dare to Shine His Light on the Circle of Blessing!

  • If you haven’t determined in your heart to let the Lord show you the best in life, let Him know that you’d like to live in His circle of blessing. Commit to reverencing His Word, and putting Him first.
  • Declare aloud every day that you live in God’s circle of blessing, and His divine favor surrounds you wherever you go.
  • Make a list of the ways God has blessed you because you have chosen to honor Him. Share that list on your social media page and use hashtags #25DaysofChristmas and #KCM25DayDare.
  • As you spend time with friends or family members, make the most of each encounter. Pray that you will have a positive impression on them, and as a result, they will seek the Source of your peace and joy.