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Pioneers in Faith – A Tribute to Kenneth and Gloria for 50 Years of Ministry

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David Barton congratulates Kenneth and Gloria on 50 years of ministry!



 Ken and Gloria,


Congratulations on 50 years of ministry. Really cool stuff!


I was thinking about the impact you’ve had on people’s lives, from a history standpoint. When you got started, you were pioneering…really plowing tough ground, and you got beat up. And you still do. But thinking more on the lines of the Founding Fathers: When they did what they did, it really benefitted their generation, but some of the biggest benefit came even a hundred or 200 years later.


Not knowing exactly when the Lord is going to return, I think about the fruit you guys will still be accruing for years, decades, generations, perhaps even after you’re gone. What you’ve done is staked out some turf and brought parts of the Bible to life that really needed to come back to life. It’s stuff that is clearly in the Scripture, but it just hadn’t been taught in previous generations in the same way. You’ve broken some substantial ground that’s going to bless folks for generations to come.


So, thank you for all the fruit you’ve already produced. But thank you, too, for the fruit that you’re going to produce, and what that will mean in the life of a nation. God bless you guys.  Thank you for all you do, and all you are!


David & Cheryl


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