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Ministry Minute: The Spirit of Increase

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In this Ministry Minute video by Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Pastor George Pearsons shares about the spirit of supernatural increase.

Deuteronomy 29:9 says, “Keep therefore the words of this covenant and do them that you may prosper in all that you do.”


As a child of God, you are called to “prosper in all that you do.” Through Jesus, God adopted you into His family and gave you access to THE BLESSING. Through Jesus, you received a right to all that God has to offer—every good thing. That means that you are called to prosper in your spirit, your mind and your body.


God ordained your supernatural increase, and Jesus paid the price for it. He paid the price for you to live free spiritually from the trap of sin and the torments of the enemy. He paid the price for you to live free emotionally from fear, regret, confusion, anxiety and depression. He paid the price for you to live free from sickness and disease in your body. He even paid the price for you to live free from poverty and lack. That’s the benefit of supernatural increase.


Of course, supernatural increase isn’t selfish. No, God desires you to be a blessing to others. You’re blessed to be a blessing. You’re called to be an example and a walking testimony of God’s goodness and love in all you do. Take a moment and watch this Ministry Minute video about supernatural increase and be encouraged. And if you want to learn more about supernatural increase or how to live a spirit-led life, visit


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